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Yeah I'm really tempted to try out those JVCs, if they are as good as you say they are then that is a steal. I could maybe bring those to school and have qc15s for home and just sell the beats. Also I try to reply to everyone that posts here so that's the reason for the triple post.  
Not where I live :/ they told me they were sold out
At my best buy they had all the Beats, Skullcandies, Bose, etc on the same shelf right be each other. I didn't see any other headphones suggested to me on here at the store besides the qc15s. They even had a small Sennheiser shelf too but the best looking ones there were the 280s, didn't see any other ones sadly.  
Unfortunately they did not have HD-25-1s at Best Buy, however they did have qc15s and I decided to get them because if I don't enjoy them I can just return them within 30 days for a full refund. In which time I might try and order HD-25s somehow and maybe the ones you suggested but so far I am really enjoying my qc15s, way better than my beats solos, and I imagine they are better than the beats studios I was originally going to get before I posted on here. And yes I...
What is most important to me is good noise canceling and good audio. I'd prefer more bass for dubstep and what not, also portablilty is pretty much a must. I'm not sure though and I'm about to go to Best Buy to try out some of these headphones suggested to me if they are there.  
I'm pretty new here myself, one pair of headphones someone suggested to me was HFI 580s. They are under $200 and seem like a pretty good pair of headphones. However I don't know much about them but you can look into them.  
Those look nice though they don't look very portable.  
Yet another choice to choose from  
There's so many choices to choose from, I don't know what the best choice is...  
That's probably what I will do when I choose what cans I want lol  
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