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Im using them with a 5.1 yamaha amp they have plenty of drive for any headphone, The bass is just unreal with the clarity u get, I had the fisher audio fa-011 before these, they had great bass, really good mids which these lack but highs and bass these thing are great, and for £59.99, There such a steal.
Ive bought some of the seller there not fakes, look at his feedback anyway, These are the hands down best headphones ive yet to try for dubstep/ hip hop/ electronic, The bass literally no ******** shakes the headphones, your ears actually vibrate lol and the highs are fantastic aswell.
there brand new, they sound really really good.
Nobody bought these?
I was looking for some headphones that matched my criteria, The M-Audio Q40 headphones came up nearly everytime, had a look at them a month or two ago but the price was a bit too much.   Just found this £59.99 NEW OMG! I Bought them yesterday and they piss all over my Fischer FA-011 for Dubstep and...
lol if some random person picks them up, never listened to quality headphones and plugs them in there gonna be like PWHHHOAARRRRR,
there in earphones? this post is in full size headphones.
I like there soundsig just wanted something with a bit more sparkle, isn't there any headphones that are a complete upgrade in sound and not just more bass or midrange?
Would be looking to spend a maximum of £200.
I do love these to pieces, Anyone upgraded from them?, I know the hifiman would be an upgrade but the price is ridiculous, Any suggestions? thanks
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