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I'm looking to get some decent ear buds.....I'm tired of my cheap $20 skullcandy ear buds.....What do you head-fiers recommend? 
I have been given the task of finding a in ear monitor/microphone (if possible) for my pastor at our church. I know NOTHING about these things and was wondering if you could point me to some good places to fine more information on this topic? If you could suggest equipment that would be great too. But at this point i would just like some more information about the different technology's, and how it works.
Thanks for the ideas, I think i am going to go for the FiiO E10 thats on ebay it sounds like a good choice. If i dont get it for the price i am hoping for i will just go get the cheapest xonar card! 
So i have had my AKG MK 271 II headphones for about 3months now and i absolutely love these things. They are absolutely amazing and just pure awesome. But i know i am not using them to their full potential using my computers on board sound....So i decided i would budget out about $50,.....maybe willing to spend more... on a new sound card or DAC, whichever seems to be the best for the price. I would also like the DAC or sound card to have a built in headphone amp...
Wheres the best place to get them in flac? 
So my pair of AKG 271 MKII are coming in the mail tomorrow!!!! and so in preparation i wanted to make a list of songs to test my new headphones out. So just post your top 5 songs for testing out my new baby's!!! 
Awesome review i think im going to get these!!!! 
Double post 
Im kinda leaning towards to the shures, The HM5s are kinda big for my liking. 
Why those over the other two? 
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