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i would at least get a DacPort from CEntrance. it's a lot more expensive than the Fiio products, but you get what you pay for. i've tried it on my HD598, which i have long sold it by now (rocking a HD800 S right now). i would put the Dacport leagues and bounds ahead of all the Fiio products. with Fiio products, at least you're getting clean signals and decent noise floor. but still lacking resolution and depth. Dacport has a much better depth.    my 2c ymmv
can you publish the test results. 
 interesting. thanks!
  is it able to recognize and match your library 100%? i am more concerned about the matching part. since my old library are full of low quality MP3's. it's the matching feature that's attractive to me. so would you say it matches your songs well? or is half of your library unrecognizable to the itunes library.  thanks for your feedback. it's very helpful. 
sell all the rifles.. what are you gonna do with a bunch of rifles, there're no zombies. with the cans, you can listen to as much music as you want. 
form what i've read. i won't screw up your local files. if anything, if there's a mis-match. it'll only upload your mis-matched local file to the cloud server. but it'll never screw up your local files, unless you delete your local files manually, in which case, you can choose to download the 256kbs AAC version from their library online. which is what i was most interested in. 
i am interested in the MX-1. do you know what kind of OP-amp is replaced with?   have you been using the MX-1 as a DAC?
looking to add a low end Dac/Amp setup to my office. not looking to spend a lot. if anyone has a used one to sell. let me know. :)   budget is $90. 
i just learned about it. was wondering if anyone have hands on experience with it.    what really intrigues me is the fact that you can renew your entire old mp3 library, that were low quality bit rate, with high quality AAC256 from the apple store library. i am just wondering how well does this work in practice. i mean theoretically, you should be able to renew them all, but are people running into matching issues where lots of songs are not being matched? i really...
after using the 650 for a few days. if there's anything that i have to complain about, is the clamping force. damn this thing really isn't made for people with large heads. the 598 on the other hand feels like you're not wearing anything. 
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