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Same thing here,can't see the photos related to each headphone. 
Hmm 4,795 euros that's a lot of money . You can get an SR-009 set up for that money,still wondering if it sounds better than 009?
Is that possible to add the HE-1000 ,LCD-4 and Mr.Speakers to this list. I wonder how they will compare with the rest of High End headphones.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_sTO1YBESk   I think Sennheiser HD 800 is the best headphone for flamenco guitars. Every time I listen to this song,I can picture the guitarist performing live in front of me. Simply spectacular
Hmm maybe that would do it,but why i have to spend some money for another item  to make my sr009 working properly?. Once you throw a few grands over the window for a pair of headphones,you expect to work right out of the box isn't it?Disappointing  such a company like Stax having issues with their top of the line headphone.Hopefully someone from Stax will read this thread and do something about it,or atleast gave us an explanation what is causing this imbalance issue.
This issue occur only with the headphones who are purchased from pricejapan? What about the ones from authorized dealers?
I had the he-500's and they were a bit heavy for me and i end up selling them,even though the sound quality was very good. The look on these are more like a high end headphone, and also  more lighter than 500's .Still i'd like to audition them to see how they compare to he -500.
Thank you for the review ,very informative indeed. That helps me to choose the right amp for my HD 800.
I was almost stunned when listening to "Johnny Gill my my my" with my beyerdynmaic T1.
If you could raise your budget and go for the HD800's .Nothing can come close to the imaging offered by these amazing cans.
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