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Does anybody know anything more abaut this?   I will ask again on tuesday, im going to Starkey for an ear mold....... Havent decided yet, but i am looking at Cosmic Ears (Sweden) and Dream Earz (US)....
Have anyone here tested the x6 and x7?
I was planning to get a Starkey CIEM but they have stopped to sell any in-ear products due to a license issue. I'm not quite sure what to go for now.... I was recommended Ultimate Ears by the man in the Oslo Starkey store. Will the UE900 be a good first "audiophile" IEM or should I go for one of the pro versions straight away ? I like to listen to rock mostly, but I listen to a lot of blues, jazz also
I have been to the oslo store. I was told that due to licencing issues they had stopped all products from in-ear.. Do anybody know when this will be settled?
I am also waiting for mine. Does anyone know when they start shipping?
It has video I hope it is 5-5,5 But can it be a 6th gen?
I have an old iPod, but how do I find out what generation it is? When i go to Settings - About i find: model: MA003LL S/N: JQ549JTFSZA Capacity: 55.7GB   The HD has some bad parts, some songs are broken/sound bad. Is it worth it to send this for repair?
any pictures?
How much will this be with shipping to Norway
I listen to little of this and little of that....not ranked in any perticular order...   Nikleback Creed Lynyrd Skinnard ACDC The Black Crows Evanesence Foo Fighters Green Day Guns N' Roses Iron Maiden Jimi Hendrix John Mayer Larry the cable guy Led Zeppelin Linken Park Marius Muller (norwegian bluse artist) Meat Loaf Metallica Offspring P.O.D. Red Hot Chilli Peppers Sade Sammy Hagar Slash Van Halen Whitesnake ZZ...
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