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ok thanks, what about for Dolby virtual speaker when using 2.0 or 2.1 speakers for watching bluray dts ?
Hi,   i own an ASUS Xonar D1, Sennheiser 558's and 2.0 logitech speakers.   both of what im using for listening is 2 channels, in the xonar config window it states that for instance if im watching blurays with dts or playing games i should have the audio channel set to 6 or 8. is this only if you have 5.1 or 7.1 setup or does it take advantage of the virtual speaker/headphone option.   should i be sticking to 2 channels only whether its with 2 speakers or...
i would prefer one which doesn't need recharging, im not looking for a protable either. are there any others that would suit my setup ? best bang for buck since im on a budget..   thanks
Hey, i own Sennheiser HD 558's and a Xonar D1.  im searching for a sub 100$ amp for my desktop pc.   what would be my best choices ?   cheers
OK thanks for that info, I'm probably thinking really faulty here but how i see things is bigger is better and the E11 is small, i don't want anything too big, lets say no more than the E9 or an O2 size and my budget is preferably under 100 dollars.   how do the battery's work in the e11 do you need to re charge them when not using portably, or can it be plugged in via usb and be powered permanently ?   cheers
right now im using on board audio (p8z68 v pro gen3). will the D1 drive them any better since they both dont have on board amps ? i dont really need a portable, this will be for my desktop, do you know of anything else? would the E9 be too much?   thanks
hey fellas,   just got some HD 558's with a Xonar D1 on the way. will i benefit from an amp ? if so any recommendations?   cheers
anyone?   thanks
yeah i mean 2.1 pc speakers, i watched a review on youtube where he connected pc speakers but ive read that speakers and headphones have different amps so i was a little confused. he connected the speakers to the pre_out or line_out on the back of the E9... when amping headphones from a dac that has dobly headphone or dts does the amp output it the same as what it recieves or does it revert it to normal 2 channel without the effects? what is a good amp for hd 558s...
im looking to buy a headphone amp for my HD558's. i might upgrade my 2.0 to 2.1 in the future, does the E9 also amp speakers ?   cheers
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