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Push, I've also edited my post for more information.
So, about that Triple.Fi 10 review that was requested a while back....
Hello Head-Fi,   After owning my pair of Sennheiser IE80s for some time, I was considering moving into customs before holding myself back. In the timeframe within, I got busier and gradually went on Head-Fi less and less until I nearly lost interest in using headphones.   Recently however, I've gotten more interested into headphones again, but this time I'm going after circumaural (full-size) headphones, as I feel a major difference when using full-size headphones...
Triple.Fi 10, when is the review coming XD
Could you do a comparison between the j-phonic K2 SP, Earsonics SM3, and Audeo PFE232? Thanks!
I was happy when I saw a pair of Sennheiser HD650s in the library. I live in an area where people purchase Monster crap, Apple crap, and Skullcandy crap. Not any good ones.    And yes, I know this idiot who turned down a pair of Sennheiser Momentums for a pair of Wireless Beats by Dre.   And another idiot thinks V-Modas < Beats, and that V-Modas are as good as Apple Earphones.   Yep, I live in a place where placebo effect is everything.   EDIT: When I...
  UE700 and UE TF10 reviews still in progress. And I'm also patiently waiting 
Hello ljokerl,   Do you know any IEM with a sound signature similar to the TF10, but cleaner, clearer, more detailed, better imaging, better soundstage, and less veiled? Thanks!
Hello,   If anyone has owned the JH16 Pro Freqphase, can they tell me what universal IEM would sound similar, because I think I might want to purchase a pair, but I want to know the rough sound signature I will be getting. 
  I meant a universal model. Can you name a universal model (or a few) that matches my requirements? Thanks!
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