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Ok, thanks I'll try both of your suggestions. I have a Fiio E17 on the way, so hopefully its DAC is good enough to fix the issue. Thanks guys. 
I was so excited about my Mkii's. I just got them today. They've been amazing until the buzzing started, it was really low at first and barely noticeable, but still unacceptable. I emailed Audio Insider immediately, no reply yet, but the buzzing has gotten a bit louder. I can't really hear if I'm at least 2 feet away from the speakers. I listen to a lot of quiet music (classical, folk) so the buzzing is really noticeable.    As of right now the speakers are hooked up...
Beautiful, thank you. E17 it is. 
Hey Guys,   I'm new here and to the world of audiophiles. I finally got fed up with my crappy bose speakers/headphones and forked out the cash for some Swan Mkii's and Sony mdr-v6's.   I've been researching DAC's like crazy and I've settled on either the Fiio E10 or E17. I want to use the amp/dac combo for my mdr-v6's and portability isn't a huge issue, though it would be nice (which is why the E17's are on the table).    The thing is I want to use the DAC...
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