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The end that plugs into the headphones are 2.5mm, the other end that plugs into your source or amp is 3.5mm.
 No, I meant the SHE3590s. My new pair seems bass-light, especially the mid-bass, even after some burn in. I'm using the same tips I used on my old pair (last used about half a year ago), so I don't think it's a fit issue. I was wondering if this should have vents, because I don't see any, not even in the side of the nozzle.
 Hold up. This thing has vent holes? I can't find any on mine. You think that's why it sounds bass-light?
So I just bought another pair of these. Is it just me, or are the new batches of SHE3590s a lot more bass-light than before? Sure the level of detail and sub-bass is there but the mid-bass seems to have been toned down. My pair is sibilant as well. A very different signature from my first pair. I can't compare directly though, since my old pair is busted, so I'm speaking from memory.. Does the pair need burn-in or something?
Happy new year.
Just got Muse's Live in Rome Olympic Stadium BluRay/CD combo. Currently loving it.    Looks like Muse finally quit brickwalling their music.. Take a look at this screenshot from one of the tracks from the music CD: Knights of Cydonia (my favorite).     Still loud, and some clipping here and there, but so much better compared to HAARP's KoC.       Frankly, I think this is their best-recorded album yet. Detailing was good, small nuances can be heard clearly, and...
Everyone alright? Fudge, I can't believe I missed the hifi show.. I should pay more attention to this thread..
 I once bought a fake IE8 to compare it with the real one, and for $30 I thought it sounded great.. Not enough soundstage to match the authentic IE8's, but it got the sound signature just right and just lacks a bit of the highs detailing the real IE8 had. Didn't look fake, it had that red wire, detachable cables, correct wire length and the silicon in the y-split. The only indications that it was fake are the foam, the missing magnet on the case, and the serial number.I...
2 days on these and they're still tinny on the mids. How long do you have to burn them in?
I'm sort of "encouraging" people to get SoundMAGIC quite a lot. They're a lot better than the crap people here buy.
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