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OK I narrowed my choice to these 2, the Hippo BOOM and Hippo VB. I don't care about the price difference, if the price of the VB is justified. But what I'm more in doubt about is that the VB is said to have less mid-bass but more sub-bass, whereas the BOOM has more allround boomy-bass, although still controlled.   I'm leaning towards the BOOM because they are smaller plugs, but ultimately I want to know what is better for Dubstep, Drum 'n Bass or something like...
I've been using the Creative EP-630 for years and since I'm not a hi-fi expert, I was pretty satisfied with the sound they produced and to be honest, they are just the greatest bang-for-buck IEMs. Now that I have a bit more money to spend I want to upgrade my IEMs. I listen primairly to Dubstep, DnB, Reggae and sometimes a bit of House/Psytrance. Prettty much bass-heavy genres. I know there is a significant difference between bass quality and bass quantity, but I was...
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