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I just picked up a used c-moy v2.03 off Craigslist for around $20. Was that a good deal? Also any idea if I'll get any use from it with my porta pro's?
Great guide! Thank you!!
Ive personally broken a rule here more than once. Generally the admins just delete the post and warn you. They are fair and also fun to talk to on occasion. They can be a bit... Ban happy if you don't listen to what they tell you to do, which is understandable.
How firm are you with this price? Thanks
And this is why "premium" companies should not have their products manufactured in China.  
This thread is so old.. but these headphones still look lovely!
That's an interesting... first image you selected there val. ;) I think I just may end up picking one up, thanks! "Stylish colors and metal beats plastic headphones" "Beats" Interesting wording we have there...  Man, I love when companies do things like that, it's always amusing. 
Might you ship to the US? If so perhaps I can make a cash offer :)
Who is that? Lol.
Tbh, I don't know anything about basketball or sports in general, I just went with some friends and I didn't know it was common :). 
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