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I would love to see a real thorough review between these 2 phones with multiple sources of music at varying rates of quality being played, different genres etc plus measured objective comparisons. It will take a lot for me to accept my beloved V10 has been dethroned as the best audio from a phone.
Russian Circles- Geneva.  They are an instrumental band .
Just wanted to thank this posterr ofr the tip. I had just posted with my impression on the V10 with my disappointment in the gain setting for low impedance headphones, specifically my Urbanites, but this information helped big time. With this method I was able to trick the amp to a much higher output and now have plenty of volume and the end result is perfection.. I am someone who really enjoys music quite oud and now I find my music much more immersive.
I am really loving this phone thus far but I must admit that there is an issue with volume on certain headphones. I am reading these comments and there are folks jumping down their throats as if they are making it up because "they" have not experianced this issue. Cool it. Not everyone is using the same headphones and what is decent volume for one may be weak to another. I like it loud.I find it to be much more immersing when loud.I like to feel the bass on electronic...
Guys, just a heads up if you tend to knock about your headphones or not baby them. My headphones have developed a crack at the earcup "Y" junction. I was able to super glue it but that isn't a durable solution. Just keep an eye on that area and be gentle. While I do not consider this to be a quality or build flaw, I would endorse a sturdier design in future models with either stronger plastics or beefier pieces with a design avoiding stress risers. I am sure I mentioned...
My beloved EPH 100s are finally losing volume in the left bud. Really liked the Yams a bunch but awhile ago bought some Panasonic HJE900 via Japan for about $150 total and these are really close in overall SQ.  The Yams may have more vocal focus overall but had better bass impact while the HJE definately go deeper and higher with a brighter sound. The bass is really really good on the HJE .  I would say the HJE have better soundstage but the Yams have the imaging. They,...
I am still amazed that there seems to be no simple straight forward answer but some folks it works and some it does not and if it works, I don't know whether it's just the amp or both amp and dac which is what we want. There are literally dozens of threads on this subject with various answers none of which one can rely on simply due to the fact we don't know how accurate the person is. Such a head ache.
There were certain characteristics that made the eph100 special and a big one was clarity.They are very clear,especially for being driver based. They also had really well balanced mids,more forward which honestly most of the music is. Yet still has an impactfull kick to the bass that is never ever roomy.
Heard the Dragonfly is a thinner sounding DAC. I use an HRT Headstreamer connected to my Macbook. The HP100 definitely sounds far better through the headstreamer which also has an amp along with a DAC. It is a cheap bare bones device but makes the Soundmagic sound way better. I think these headphones like a bit of power because the bass is just incredible and goes so deep, it will literally vibrate the cups on some EDM tracks. I never really knew that a DAC/amp could...
A couple years late but for anyone still interested regarding kics question regarding bass. I own both the Yam and Pan and if you found the Panasonic weak on the bass don't bother with the Yamaha. They both deliver a quality bass that is never boomy but the Panasonic is just a bit more forward and has a noticeable sub bass that lacks a bit on the Yamaha.
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