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I got nothing but love for my XL pads 
 There are some "remote" apps that can let you use iOS controls in android but you have to do some trial and error to find the right one for your music player/device/cable combo.
Agree 100%
The XL pads are winner in my book. Sound quality still the same for me and the comfort level has improved greatly. Kudos to Val for listening to his customers and designing and releasing this product. The only observation I can make is that in my opinion THESE pads are the ones that should have been released with the headphones in the first place. A+
Chuckle, help a brotha out Nevermind, I got it
Received my XL pads today too. Haven't tried them yet. Edit: Actually i'm trying right now to put them on. How do I take the old ones off? I have no idea of what i'm doing here
^^ +1 ^^
V-MODA has shipped your order! Faders VIP - Gunmetal 1 XL Memory Cushions 1  
I love working out with my M100
Just ordered my XL's.          3-4 weeks...
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