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Where do you guys buy your Blox BE3s? The official Blox website?
I recently lost my beloved Yamaha EPH-100s and need to find a replacement ASAP. I could of course just buy another pair of EPH-100s, but I would rather try something else. I want something that sounds similar to the EPH-100s, costs roughly the same, and that can be worn straight down. What are my options? Thanks!
Would you mind sharing your EQ settings? Just flat? :)
Has anyone tried Kingrex T20U with Samsung Galaxy S3? Is there any reason to think that it shouldn't work?
I have been using a pair of Brainwavz M2 for the last 6 months that unfortunately broke down the other day. Would the Yamaha EPH-100s be a good replacement/upgrade? I loved everything about my M2s, except for the questionable cable quality. Where is the cheapest place to buy these IEM:s as of today with world wide shipping? 
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