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Thank you for your advices.  StalkerAssassin: I own a pair of 6AS7G too and they're great, indeed. But I like my Sylvania 7236 even more. Maybe I should try to find some other driver tubes for them. WALL-E: Very revealing info, thanks! As I'm still new on head-fi; did you publish your measurements somewhere or is there any thread/ webpage with a table and general overview? Thanks!
I'm LF339 owner since end of september - and I can't apprecite it enough! I started with HD650 headphones and recently upgraded to LCD's 2 ... awww I love this combo so much! :)  I'm listening mostly to 7236 driver tubes with red RCA's 5693. Wondering If I could get even better sound with 5998 tubes?
Cool, indeed! It's about 2 weeks I've become an Audeze LCD's owner and I'm still in eargasm! :)
As a new owner of LF 339, I'm totaly blown away! But your mod WALL-E seems to be  ... can't even express how much awesome it looks :)
Valentin - your offer is freaking AWESOME! :) I can't PM you ATM, because I've reached my PM/Day limit - but I take it! Please, can you send me your payment info? Vit
PM sent
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