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I am aware this is a bit of an ancient thread but I wanted to ask the specific people here. Is there really no point in an external DAC then? If that's the case why is there such a range of both external and internal DAC's to choose from? Furthermore do you think there is much benefit in a desktop amplifier at all? Take the Schiit Bifrost for example?    I'm just trying to get a better bearing on what is being said here.
iFixit listed the only audio related part as the Cirrus Logic 338S1201 Audo Codec, does anyone know if this is the DAC?
From memory there is no noticeable difference between the 50s and 50x but searching forums round here will probably be a better option 
Yeah they don't clamp on and I have a medium sized head, they were even looser when I got them but head band bending fixed that easily enough. At this point if I look straight down they very slowly start slipping off
Check out the review on here of the Audiofly AR56s. I am looking for a pair of IEM's myself and am leaning towards these because apparently they have a decent soundstage for IEMs and a strong emphasis for bass. They are cheap too depending on where you live =p
I have only heard the M50s. Very tight sound with slightly recessed mids but good bass. Its not so much your drowning in it but its plenty for rock tracks. They are a little more expensive but then they are also one of the most loved headphones on Head Fi, so your sorta buying into their legacy
I own 550's as my first pair of serious headphones and they served that purpose very well, everything just sounds amazing when you listen for the first time. I would note though that they work best in a quiet environment as although they isolate they let a lot of sound in, they also theoretically can be portable but they are big headphones and can be a real pain to try and fit in a full uni bag after a while. Lastly they work very well of any regular device, but also...
I have a pair of AKG 550's that I have been trying to use as portable for a while now and its starting to get silly So I decided I need something for uni and the bus which is above average but not too expensive. I have done a fair bit of research and am trying to decide between: Phillips S2 Thinksound ms01 Hifi R400 Audiofly AF56 Microphone isn't necessary but possibly could come in handy, while being good at isolation and having a above average soundstage is important...
Whoops sorry, I shall move it
It has been brought to my attention that I posted in the wrong place, now how do I get rid of this threaf?
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