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Does anybody know what the optimal impedance is for the A8?   -sheldon
I just picked up a pair from Echo Audio in Portland. The build quality is certainly impressive, and I like the included case.   The sound profile leans to the lows, dramatically. This is outside my normal palette, but I'm hoping to adjust to it over the next few days. My primary set ups are ER4 and at home I use HD650.    -sheldon
I will plan to stop by near the end of the day. Thanks for the invite @grizzlybeast !
I'm considering coming up from Portland. Is anybody interested in hearing the Coffman Labs Prautes?   -sheldon
It's all good. I know our community is pretty inactive. I haven't even put a meetup together here in more than a year. Thanks for trying, though. :-)   -sheldon
Clearly a Seattle meet, not that you 'owe' us Portlanders anything :-)   Please post in the Portland thread if there is ever a meet 'in the middle'.   -sheldon
I prefer to use the Clip alone, without the C5D.    I bought a C5D because it has both a DAC and and amp. It colors the sound in a way I didn't like, no matter what kind of headphones I used. Running my HF5 with the Clip alone is very neutral and clear, which I prefer.   The gain and bass boost features on the C5D were not useful for me. In fact, I thought they sounded awful -with the HF5 or any other headphone I tried.    Hope that helps!   -sheldon
We haven't had an event for quite some time. Has anybody been active?
 Yes, I agree. I prefer my Clip over using my JDS labs C5D with my HF5. I don't think I'm going to bother with any other portable DAC/amp since the Clip sounds great. -sheldon
 I have a headphone amp which has a knob to change the impedance. 8, 32, 128, and 300. I can say with great certainty that changing impedance does have an undeniable effect. However, I understand that 2 or 3 ohms won't make much a difference.  I guess what I'm asking is what is the optimal impedance for the various ER4 models? Getting somewhere close to that, I believe, would be important. -sheldon
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