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I called Echo and spoke with Damon Coffman about the details of the event.   So excited!
Echo Audio is hosting an event for the launch of a new headphone amp from some great local companies.   The Prautes is a collaboration between Cypher Labs and Coffman Labs.    Echo will have plenty of headphones for use with demo. You're welcome to bring your headphones and/or audio to listen to.   Damon Coffman utilized a lot of feedback I gave him from the Coffman Labs H1-A (see review...
Does anybody have details about this event?   -sheldon
Hi,   The last one was great! But it mast have been more than a year ago now.   I'll get in contact with Echo Audio ( and see if they are open to hosting another event.   -sheldon
I just wanted to follow up on this and share the new collaboration between Coffman Labs and Cypher Labs, the Prautes. It seems to me that this might be the highly improved model Damon was discussing last year.    I haven't heard it yet, but I am very excited to see the new improvements. Specifically, I'm excited to hear about the new outputs - XLR, SPK, 1/4, 1/8th. Also great to know the details about compatibility with...
  Thanks so much for the detailed response. This is very helpful.   I'll probably go for another pair of HF5 if the sound profile is the same. It's the isolation that's really important to me.    I agree that the in-warranty support is very good. They replaced my HF5 when they broke.   Also, here is the link to the special purchase option (for those with broken ETY's this is the best way to replace them)   -sheldon
This happened to two pair of mine, the second pair not being in warranty. I still have the broken pair but haven't sent them in to be replaced (it's $75.00 USD I believe). I just don't see any reason to buy another pair if they're going to break again.   The good news is that you can also send in the broken HF5 to upgrade to the ER4 for much less. I think around $140. So, send a check for $140 and your broken HF5 and you have a new pair of ER4. That's what I'm going to...
Does anybody have a favorite amplifier choice for the HF5? Portable would be nice.   -sheldon
  This is a very interesting experiment you're undertaking. Please keep us updated!   -sheldon
I may have to try that; I think the stock grills are pretty ugly. Mine are gonna be sparkle glitter gold, though :-)   -sheldon
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