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Hmm...that is so strange...I just received mine an hour or so ago. I am sorry that you are experiencing problems. I thought that there wouldn't be any problems with the newer batch. Otherwise, I've only heard great things regarding Shure's customer service. I hope you can either get a new working replacement, or a full refund. It is unacceptable for you to have to go through this...however, I am Shure has been getting similar complaints so the fight shouldn't be so hard. 
Hey goldendarko, What was the date of manufacture? Just curious. Mine was 1/23/14. I believe we bought them from the same dealer. You PM'ed me.
^This. Thank you sir. Not "everyone" is sensitive to changes in sound. Not every "headphone" is sensitive to changes, especially in the first few hours of use. HD8 hit the head on the nail as a DJ headphone and more. HD 6 and 7? Not too sure based on the use reviews so far. There have been some great, and some not so great, only based on the forums so far. hekeli's stance on burn-in may feel correct to him, but most people who have been in this game long enough know that...
 gelocks and hekeli should get a room together. You two sound like you'd make a great couple. No disagreement there. 
Mmmm...very excited to see what comes about from Aurisonics. I spoke with Andy on the phone about 6 months ago, nice guy. I would love to see that cross-valve mod, more sub-bass extension & texture added to the already great ASG2 sound.
Please stop derailing the thread. Your experiences seem to be limited and biased. You are looking too hard into something that is so simple. Let's back on topic now. 
Just stop your whining. No one really cares about your pointless rants. Read from the beginning again.
...hekeli, read it again, that was directed towards you. Also anyone who complains about those burn-in, cables, pads knowing that those are already vague topics with as much science as personal belief. The whole point of life is to try out new things. Feel free to try out as many headphones as you wish. Just don't say I'm insensible when you find that you don't like a headphone sounds right off the bat. Experiences headfiers buy many headphones feeling disappointed using...
It "sounds" like the hd8 may be right up your alley.
I love when people get over emotional regarding burn-in, cables, pads etc...hekeli doesn't really get it obviously. However, I'm glad grizzly does. I personally am not a big believer in burn-in and what it does on a physical science aspect. Many headfiers lean equally or more towards "brain" burn-in. And I'm sorry, but if you are looking for a "studio" headphone, I wouldn't exactly go straight to a new product. Be smart/wise and go to a headphone that is proven to be a...
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