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Nice. I bought based on reviews. I actually wanted to try the 1+2, but wasn't exactly on board with the snobbery in the forums or the sales approach. I figured if you spend a premium on a product you should get premium service. It is a far cry in today's world. Why can't people be more helpful and considerate? Isn't that the story. Back to the topic at hand, I bought based on reviews and some information from private messages I've sent back and forth between members in...
Def worth it at 300, at 240 its a real steal.
I'm getting my Universal Mentors in sometime this week. (I posted that I owned the Mentors prematurely, lol.) I love the Universal Roxanne's though...at first I didn't like them...now they are #1 for me. Let's see what the Mentor can do. When I get the Mentors I will post impressions as well as a comparison to the Rox. 
That was a tease...more, more, more impressions!
Too bad no one cares of your opinion.
I am on that side. The stock pads are comfortable. I love the beyerdynamic 250 velours over pleather.
Congrats on buying a great headphone. As for the pads, the stock pads are great. Stick with them if you like them.
After spending time with both the 250 and the alpha pads, I love them both. 
David/Cypher Labs is probably the company that stays the most true/honest to their customers. Besides a great product, you get great service, which is almost next to impossible to find in today's society. Not a hint of arrogance or ignorance as experienced with most snobby audiophile types. I haven't been using the 720 as often as I would like. I've been just rocking the iPhone at the moment due to my schedule, daily routine. However, when I do get to plug into the 720, I...
I believe in isolation, but also letting the iem breathe...really any iem. this is why i prefer double flanges. they may not isolate as well as comply foams, but that is also a good thing. the comply foams isolate, but change the sound for the worse IMO. double flanges allow breathing room/space and can really bring out the best in an iem. personally i use the given double flanges from sennheiser. 
New Posts  All Forums: