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This is why when I see a lady with headphones (good quality headphones_) it boggles my mind. Hifi for women is shoes, clothing, jewelry. I'll stick with the headphones. 
I wish they didn't look so childish. I'm losing faith in some of the more recent product Sennheiser is putting out. 
I have to try the Ultrasone Sig DJ one day. I've never been a fan of any ultrasone headphone I've tried. 
David from Cypher Labs is probably the most honest man in Audio. Most audio types are snobs. David has been nothing but a man of humility and integrity who stands behind his products. I am a very happy customer and cannot tell you how much it means when the small people are treated with respect the right way. I won't go into detail, as my experience was more sensitive in nature. I don't know if I can ever deal with Moon-Audio, arrogance. I've been rudely turned down a few...
I guess BA's can change with burn-in. Would be nice, the Rox is a bit sibilant. I would also like the bass to calm down, and I'm not talking about just turning down the bass-adjustment knob. 
846>800 any day, any genre. 846 is much more versatile in my opinion. 800 was a mistake to buy, I returned it within 1 hour of listening. Another thing that turned me off was the non-removeable cable, and proprietary oval tips. 846 fits like a glove and sounds much more balanced. You also get the option of changing the sound through the filters. Just a much better IEM overall.
Buy once, buy right.
This made me
Regarding toys? Let's rent, free food, free bills, oh and free allowance, and the occasional vacation...I think that clears I'm the man. Even though I respect my wife, I don't answer to no one. As for credit card debt and guns? Damn, I'm out of words on that one.
It is very good for now...that is what I wanted to pm u about.
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