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You'll be bashing the ie800 the minute you put the 846 in your ears.
Exactly. I agree extra with having to release revisions too close to each other. Shows a lack of development, quality and confidence in the product/company. 
That isn't fair for sure, and only to one party...the consumer... To create two different versions without applying any revision tags (i.e. LCD2.1 or LCD2.2?, ASG2 or ASG2.5?..etc) is unacceptable, shows a lack of quality control. How will you know whether you are buying one frequency vs another? 
IE800 was the least impressive price to performance ratio IEM/Headphone I've used. Hit or miss lately with Sennheiser. My favorites will always be the IE8. Should have never sold it for the IE80, even though I still adore the IE80. 
I can already tell those would be uncomfortable. These are the double flanges that make everything better. =
I would've just bought them if they had them available. No one sells double flange that I like in narrow bore. The 846 was good before, it is great now! I just bought the Universal Rox, but the 846 might be making a comeback in terms of playtime! 
I modded my favorite tip, the Meelec Double Flange, onto a cut-out piece of narrow bore silicone. I placed the 4 mm cut silicone into the wide bore of the Meelec. It fit perfectly. I am noticing increased sub-bass (Subwoofer effect/rumble) comfort and less sibilance. I love double flanges.
They should work on an ie1000. Fix the flaws the ie800 had. I loved the 8/80...not so much the 800.
This is why when I see a lady with headphones (good quality headphones_) it boggles my mind. Hifi for women is shoes, clothing, jewelry. I'll stick with the headphones. 
I wish they didn't look so childish. I'm losing faith in some of the more recent product Sennheiser is putting out. 
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