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Cool that you found another pad to work with the 7520. Would you be able to post the exact Beyer Plush Pads you are using? Thanks!
I do believe burn-in to have its place. However, just observation-wise, I hear some brashness in all spectrums of sound in the first hour of use. I hope the sound smooths out eventually. They are beautiful to look at though...
I can also understand how it can be compared to the lcd2/lcd3.
Just got this's HUGE!!! I can't really give much of an impression yet. But from what I can tell...good soundstage, bass dials work well, I love the cable, love the metal case, SiBiLaNt at higher volumes....hopefully this will change. I don't want to return it but will's hitting a few chords right at the moment.
Thank you.
So...what is the consensus regarding the best "tips" for the Roxanne Universal? 
Can someone point me in the right direction of where/how to buy the 1p2?   I've been on the official site trying to contact someone, NO LUCK! Someone mentioned the name "Gavin" in another forum...I just purchased the Mentor and Roxanne...if I can get a good quote on the 1p2, I may bite. Thanks HF nation.
I couldn't wait...thus universals...also can sell them easier...although the site I bought them from accepts returns. 
Just picked up a pair of Universal Roxannes to go along with the UM Universal Mentor I ordered! Life is good!
Yeah, forgot about that...whoops!
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