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Hd8 is a significant jump from the m100, maybe two jumps. M100 is not a professional headphone. The M100 was a huge disappointment to my ears and expectations. Nothing was really done right. On the hd8 however, the highs are very clear without any sibilance. I am able to discern cymbals from hi-hats from claps. Mids are nicely done. There is an addictive sound to the headphone, coming from someone who loves quality audio as well as rich bass. I am able to drive this...
You would be PERFECT for the Denon C300. Check it out. For what you need, I don't think you need much else.
Ok someone correct me if I am wrong... I am looking at two cables from Moon Audio. The Silver Dragon and the Black Dragon. Now the differences are that the Silver has more clarity? Black Dragon has more bass and soundstage? What would you recommend for the 846? I believe I read that when Jude demoed the 846 he used the Black Dragon and enjoyed it. I would like a cable that can bring the best out of the 846. Thanks ahead of time!
IE800 was a huge disappointment in my book. From what I've been reading, most people/owners who have tried both the IE800 and the 846 prefer the 846. This makes me happy as I have an 846 on the way. 
Would also be nice to see a Ultrasone Sig DJ vs HD8 comparison.
Are you talking about the Ultrasone DJ's or the HD 7/8s?
The vmoda line doesn't exactly yield pro audio equipment. Sennheiser makes pro audio equipment. There is minimal to little isolation with the m100. You will notice a big difference in sound quality and isolation with the HD8.
...and in other news...
I repped you for the great info and write up Arnaud. You are one of the few who has heard the big three for me. (846,1p2,Siren) What would you rate each the "846" vs the "1p2" vs "Roxanne" on a percentage of: 1: Enjoyment scale?2: Bass?3: Soundstage?4: Anything else you could mention regarding the 846 compared to any of your favorite headphones? We would all LOVE to hear your comments and feedback Arnaud. 
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