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Buy once, buy right.
This made me
Regarding toys? Let's rent, free food, free bills, oh and free allowance, and the occasional vacation...I think that clears I'm the man. Even though I respect my wife, I don't answer to no one. As for credit card debt and guns? Damn, I'm out of words on that one.
It is very good for now...that is what I wanted to pm u about.
My wife is accepting and hasn't gotten on my case yet. (It's only because I buy her stuff to distract.) I will post some pics up tomorrow. I also want to send a pm your way so I don't keep hogging up prime picture setup territory.
I bought the theorem 720 because of you.
Too cool man. Respect.
I will post my setups soon....but the first thing that boggles my mind is what he does? He obviously can't be married because what wife would let a husband buy all those fun toys? I've seen a few other setups of his and read his profile page. Seems like a humble guy, always has positive things to say. A glass half full type. Always good to have around these forums I'd think. I have so many questions to ask regarding the comparison of amps/headphones/, the profile... have some of the sickest setups around you absolutely mind if I ask what you do for a living? 
No squeaks here. Just nice clicking action.
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