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Simplicity is sometimes the answer. No need to get caught up in the latest and greatest. I still use 8's/80's way more than my other headphones and iems.
Impact: 2000 ≥ HD8 > 770 Soundstage: 2000 ≥ 770 > HD8 SQ : HD8 >    770 > 2000 Comfort : 770 > HD8 > 2000 (but not by much) As a DJ headphone, soundstage is a weakness. It can muddy up the mix. Separation is a strength in a DJ headphone, the HD8 has this for sure. Probably the best DJ headphone for this. 
I'm an audiophile. I am well-paid. I would say most people on this forum are on here because they are audiophiles...so yeah...most HF'ers will care.
Nice. I think it is possible to be both. However, I remember seeing this debate in another thread and it made sense for the most part. I'm more than sure you know what "audiophilic and balanced" sounds like based on your knowledge, etc. I am also an audiophile, and more than a basshead. When the entire audio spectrum is represented in a completely clear, equal and balanced manner, it is then where I will play around with increasing the quantity of bass, never losing...
The HD8 is specifically for DJing. Very comfortable (due to the lighter weight & proprietary pads) and actually delivers on many levels. HD8 vs the 2000 sounds alot more balanced, but not by much. There is a little more extension with the HD8. The 2000 is built well, but has some weak points/flaws. People in the forum have experienced this. The HD8 is obviously built alot better because it is a "dj" headphone, and is built for a specific task. My 2000's with alpha pads...
Nice. Some say you can't be a bass head and an audiophile. Two conflicting ideals. I disagree. As long as the bass is of high quality, feel free pour that juice in your ear. So many companies focus on the delivery of bass. I'm a soundstage head and probably at this point in my journey, more of a mid-head. All the headphones I am to own have a particular sound I enjoy about them.
True. I respect that. However, the dt770s hit too soft for me. I gave them to my brother and he loves them. Very comfortable. The JVC2000 provides the SPL and slam that is for sure, however, I don't hear much other detail other than that. Definitely will give any basshead a bass-boner. If I found these headphones a few years back, I might have stopped buying headphones. So, both good and bad. I found what I was looking for years ago, however, in the process I've become way...
I had the dt770 80, not a very good headphone to be honest. They distort at mid to high levels, not a good high SPL headphone. The long undetachable cord also was a negative as well. Definitely not a mixing headphone, dj or studio. Thanks though.
The one thing that did intrigue me about the m8 was the eq adjustments.
I have to say. I agree. Cypher Labs customer service is the best in the industry. I hope someone important from the company reads and knows this. Great product, great (if not better) service. Impossible to find in this era. I hope David knows I still am VERY grateful for sending me an extra connector when the original one had a bad connection as well as being an honest person and giving me a price match. I very much dislike the arrogant - audiophilic types who belittle...
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