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I've honestly been looking all over Head-Fi and the web for some comparisons. Couldn't find any, so I will make my own. I also own a few other popular universals known in the community...Roxanne Universal, Unique Melody Mentor Universal, Shure 846 Universal, Aurisonics ASG2...so the K10U and U12 will be excellent additions to my collection. I am not the best at writing "lengthy, detailed" reviews which is what I know Head-Fiers love. However, once I have the K10 & U12 in...
Maybe is what I said last time, then I missed out. So this time I totally jumped on the Noble discounted deal at 20% off. Only comes up once or twice a year. Picked up a K10U from Noble. I also picked up a U12 from 1964 Audio, also at 20% off. 
 As a DJ and past customer, I agree. They don't. They just talk and talk and talk until you have finally given up and just agree on a price. Many better deals, especially if you are looking for DJ equipment. AGIPRODJ is WAYYYY better in terms of prices and more importantly, customer service. 
These pieces of shi(t) stopped charging on me. Anyone else have the same issue?
I've also had my shell crack on me. It was a um mentor. wont be buying anymore um products..and same goes for Jh due to the fact that they just keep bringing out a new fking iem one right after another. Also don't show the best quality control proven from me and a lot of other head fiers.
I think the asg may be your best bet.
true true and true. Ie800 was one of the worst iems I've ever used...and I love my sennheiser products.
Amperiors are a few notches down compared to the 7520. Beyer pads, done. I also own the Amperior, I have to say it is more of a beginners headphone. HD25 is more professional in every aspect. I had to order a separate coiled dj cable just for the Amperior. The sound did not impress me at all. Way too closed in and also is an on-ear, not over ear. I would have to almost always recommend the more professional headphone here. Don't get me wrong the Amperior may be a more...
Size up. And cables rarely matter. I have 100-300 dollar plus cables and a 10 dollar cable from china I picked up on eBay. Guess what sounds great, if not better and is WAY more durable....the China cable. It is from a company called earmax, hands down best cable I've owned for any of my iems. The ie80 is a staple in my iem diet. I think it's strengths are portability, soundstage and durability.
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