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Yeah, I will try and contact them. It's SUCH a HEADACHE. I almost don't want to buy anything international again, rather just stick with domestic products. The accessories don't really bug me too much, I'm a meat and potatoes guy...an entree guy...not a appetizer or dessert guy if you know what I mean. The mentors are a 7.5/10 for me. Roxanne is 9.0/10, the only thing holding it back is the SIZE of the drivers. I also had a period of disappointment with the Roxannes, but...
I gotta agree with this^..owning both currently.
The included cable with the Mentors isn't even a Westone quality cable. The POS cable just unraveled and fell apart with the HOUR! WTF? Yeah, this can make me angry, especially when you pay $1300 for a deluxe product. I bought two different, sorry, three different cables for the Mentor...well at least for the connector style. I picked up a Tinsel Wire, Silver Dragon, and Ultra-Thin cable (from Earphone Solutions). The Tinsel is ULTRA microphonic, but sounds and fits great....
Yeah, I agree. Hd8 is great. Does the job very well for a DJ. Superb.
Coming from your current iem, you will probably be blown away.
Jus make sure it's the post/mailman before any crazy accusations. Hope it works out. It would be crazy if it was a postman and not some neighborhood thug. It's very unlawful to tamper w/packages or others mail.
It's times like this where you need to have a signature required...
I still like them. I just think I need some time for the IEM to grow on me. I didn't get that WOW factor that I've gotten with some other IEMS...Some gripes. I will probably go customs later on. Thanks for the feedback Skildit/Shini.
So I've been using the Mentor for a little bit now. Upgraded to the "Tinsel" cable from ALOaudio. The included generic cable that comes with the mentor is HORRIBLE. The ear guides just fell apart like chicken off a freshly cooked rotisserie chicken. This left me with disappointed. I would be a much happier camper if the cable included was of a better/higher quality. These are also the universal version, I was told wait time is around 3 weeks. Took about 6.5 -7 weeks. Other...
I've been using the ASG2 still...strong...even after receiving the Roxanne Universal, UM Mentor...such a unique, lovely sound out of the ASG2. They are so light in weight in comparison. 
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