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Any of the ultrasone lineup of headphones. They all sound cheap and have no enjoyable qualities whatsoever.Lune cables were one of the worst purchases ever. Bought a high end cable for my asg2. Broke within 2 months. Took 4 months to have it replaced again. The 2nd one broke as well. Horrible service to top it off.Ie800s...regretful all the way. Luckily I was able to return it with a restock fee only.Hahaha...I agree as well. What a joke of a headphone.
Isn't that the ultimate objective and goal of finding the right pair of headphones?  I'm glad you found your answer. The 846's are also my answer for now. I have been reducing my headphone collection due to the 846...that has to be a good thing right? 
I put a micro drop of super glue on the bore, then immediately attached my favorite bi-flange on. The only thing is, you risk damaging the bore/tip, also once you put it on, it will be very difficult to remove. So make sure you can stick with using one style of tips if you do glue them on. 
846>>>>>>>800 all day long!!!!!
Change filters.
I just picked up the Black Dragon cable from MoonAudio. Looking forward to it. 
I've never had the stock jack break...but I've had the headphone connectors break on me...on both ends...the plastic column and the attachment.
This post and the hd8 post are my two favs at the moment. But I have to say...the 846 is where it is at. It beats and has beaten everything I've put close to my ears in the past few years.
The ie80 and the 846 are currently two of my most used iems at the moment. 846>ie80 in bass quality. Quantity can also at times when the song calls for it. They are both great, ie80s still get a ton of play time even with the 846 in possession. I think we may have similar tastes as I also feel the ie80>ie800 anytime.
I think people forget that fact. They are built for "dj's" at the end of the day.
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