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I don't mean to discourage you. But to be honest Bobjs, the 846 has much better isolation, less microphonics, better (kevlar) cable, more options for ear tips (not limited like the IE800), more stable housing. The sound that comes out of the 846 is very balanced, but also has a lean on bass. IE800 sub-bass is ok, but I feel is only more audible due to decreased mid-bass. The 846 comes with two cables and a variety of tips, which should be standard in an IEM at top cost....
+1, the sense of space is really nice. Bass isn't overpowering, which is actually nice. I have heard & owned many basshead IEMS. This isn't a basshead earphone, but bassheads should appreciate it. The biggest disappointment I have ever had in an IEM was the IE800...
I've got a $2700 notebook and play counterstrike 1.6. Best game ever. Quick down and dirty, to the point. Plus, I'm deadly as hell with an awp.
I would say the he400 is not bassy or warmer compared to the 846. Or anything in general. My ears have never hurt from such sibilance in the he400's. That and the pro900's. They have a very metallic sound. The 846 are being compared to the likes of the lcd2,3 and th900 if that makes you wonder what kind of sound comes from it.
Question here. Does the 846 respond well to some burn-in? How long? And how much of a change in sound can I expect?
The 846 isolates REALLY well. I was surprised when I first had them on last night. My wife was speaking to me and I had only just put the 846 in my ears, no music yet. I couldn't hear her voice at all. (If she reads this, I'm But my wife is sweet, there is no reason to isolate her voice from my life. Music sounds so much better when you have headphones/IEMs that isolate well.
Bass is present is the best answer. Sub-bass is presented very nicely and appropriately. If you have read the previous last pages, some users have stated that the 846 is the next closest sounding object in their ears to the LCD2, LCD3, TH900. This says a lot about the 846. 
LOL. I like this. Cool name too. And for $999 dollars, they had better make a cable that at least matches the drivers well. From what I have been listening to and hearing from the 846, it is clean and will be honest to your sources. 
Vs the HD25, the HD8 is a SOLID improvement. Bass reaches lower, hits harder and smoother. Mids remain clean, but sometimes feel lessened by the presence of strong bass on occasion. High frequencies are less sibilant than the HD25, but also extend higher. A very clean sounding headphone. Made for DJs but works for anyone who needs a solid headphone with excellent sound quality. Works nicely with electronic genres. 
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