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How long will the wait time be for a K10U? Ordered on the Black Friday Sale. 
I would recommend the IE80 since it is much easier to find genuine/authentic. There is little difference. I picked up an IE8i for nostalgic value, buy use the IE80 primarily. 
Wow, are people receiving their black friday orders already? I ordered a K10, would be great if it comes soon!
When in doubt, assume Counterfeit. (especially with sennheiser ie8/80's)
XB90's are two-steps down from the IE80 I feel, in sound quality and durability. When I compared the two, IE80 vs XB90, the 90 just sounded completely muffled and bloated. It is literally an XB500 in an earphone, with even less extension and clarity. I did not miss mine at all when I let it go. 
846>>800 ANYDAY. This is coming from a pretty big fan of Sennheiser as well. The IE800 was a complete fail in my eyes, or ears to be exact. Shure is above and beyond superior in the fit, cable, tips, durability and of course sound. 
I'm DONE with any JH monitors as they are way to big and uncomfortable for use. Plus, they do not sound in any way pleasing to my ear. I thought about the Layla for a hot second, but then realized that I could pick up a K10 and U12 for one Layla. Much happier with my decision. 
Yeah, I'm really excited to hear the K10s. Just reading the forums, I pretty much know the K10s will be a hit for me. Also...1100 pages of praise pretty much says it all. (Based on reading comparisons vs the Roxanne and 846) The Adels? More of a surprise at this point I guess. 
Dang...I wish I knew this beforehand. Thanks for the information! 
Yes. Adel, not Adele, lol. I can't stand her. But very interested to hear what the Adel technology brings to the table. Seems like everyone who has listened to them has been praising them. Plus, 1964 also seems to be a credible company with great QC. I'm a short and to the point man with whatever I do, so the reviews should stand to be the same. 
New Posts  All Forums: