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I have to say...overall I feel the same way about the Roxanne and 846 comparison you wrote! Although ever since receiving the Rox, the 846 (and the UM Mentor) has gotten near 0% usage...ehh, almost makes me want to sell the others. 
I agree with your mini review.. they do sound great and clear. I wish they had a smudge more bass quantity, but it is tight as it stands. These also do respond VERY well to eq according to other users. I'll still hold it with care in my collection as it is a nice piece and still offers a different sound signature as do all my other IEMS, headphones. Enjoy!
You are missing out warrior. You are just putting off the inevitable. 
I should actually revise my prior statement. I prefer it to all my IEMs at the moment. The Mentor, 846, ASG2, IE80...as well as my full-sized collection...also as well as everything else I've used in the past 3 years. I'm at a happy point in my headphone life. 
At this point in my impressions with life with both the 846 and roxanne, I have to say I much prefer the Roxanne atm. 
you out to try the wooduo2, wooden iems. amazing amazing for iems. 
They are great. I was talking about the universal version though. YMMV on customs vs universals. Universal cost about 300-400 less than the custom. Both are great. It's getting great reviews overall, minus the drama from last year's black friday fiasco. 
Yes. Only because you love your lcd 2.2 and 650. Which I own. If you ever crave what you have in a headphone in in-ears, the roxanne would suit you nicely.
Sounds like you prefer dark sounding headphones. You like iems? I wonder what you prefer in the IEM world. I can see you liking ie80, 846, roxanne especially.
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