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After spending time with both the 250 and the alpha pads, I love them both. 
David/Cypher Labs is probably the company that stays the most true/honest to their customers. Besides a great product, you get great service, which is almost next to impossible to find in today's society. Not a hint of arrogance or ignorance as experienced with most snobby audiophile types. I haven't been using the 720 as often as I would like. I've been just rocking the iPhone at the moment due to my schedule, daily routine. However, when I do get to plug into the 720, I...
I believe in isolation, but also letting the iem breathe...really any iem. this is why i prefer double flanges. they may not isolate as well as comply foams, but that is also a good thing. the comply foams isolate, but change the sound for the worse IMO. double flanges allow breathing room/space and can really bring out the best in an iem. personally i use the given double flanges from sennheiser. 
I swear after about a weeks of playing the roxanne settled down. I know that burn-in had an effect due to the fact that at three bars of sound on my Mac or iphone the sound isn't as loud as it was in the beginning. The sound was boomy and boxy the first 10 hours or so. I can agree that the sound has settled and is smoother with a broad soundstage.
I initially had the same feelings for the roxanne. I now LOVE them. You need to do your work to put in the right tips. Burning them in actually did help calm the drivers and sound down a bit. They are super sensitive and will draw out a lot of elements you aren't used to. But I would say the tips are the biggest trouble to match, as are with any good universal. I love my meelec double flange. Really sounds amazing.
IE80's rock! I own a few other nice IEMs, but the IE80 holds its own very well! 
The included bi-flange, medium size, that come included are the best I feel. If not, the meelec bi-flanges are also worth a shot. I agree with a shorter insertion, wide bore. 
I think the IE80 is great for what you listen to, IMHO. I've gone through a schittt-load of IEMs for similar sounding music in the past 4 years. Try your best to find a used pair of SE846 if you really want to step up your game. Also...the asg2.5 is relatively new on the scene. It is the newest revision. For what it is worth, the ASG2 has gotten tons of love and admiration. Used you may find it in the 300-400 range, depending on the model, color. I would say the Aurisonics...
Ie80, shure 846(used), asg2.5
The 3d imaging on the roxannes are really sick. I was switching back and forth between the fox and the 846, no comparison.
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