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+1, I actually can some validity to your statement. A fun dj headphone. I used the HD25 for about 8 years, had a good run. More neutral, mid-bass, borderline sibilant at higher levels. The HD8 is a different flavor. Still accurate, and adds a lot of texture without any "piercing" highs that most DJ's hate. 
I don't know why you are crying and complaining about any purchase. No one forced you into buying anything. There are plenty of DJ headphones on the market out there. Don't go crying to a major company about how they didn't create the perfect product for you. Now please, go slap your mom hard in the face and ask her to ground you. 
Please go slap your mother and tell her to stop giving you allowance.
I wouldn't be too swayed by that user. I, along with other ex-HD25 users are pretty impressed. Used the HD25 for about 8 years consistently. The HD8 is a different flavor, not an over-ear version of the HD25. If you found the HD25 sibilant, lacking isolation and uncomfortable then the HD8 is a very good option. Nothing wrong with keeping the HD25 though, it is a staple in DJ culture and will never lose its appeal.
How long did it take for your 846 to malfunction?? Date of manufacture?
 Haha, I'm not old, but dubstep is just horrible. 
Sounds like a lemon possibly...what are your sources? The HD8 has a lot less sibilance and is easier on the ears at higher volumes than the HD25. 
I would say it goes equally both ways, if not even more Dubstep borrowing from Pop. It's definitely a bastardization of music in general. Dubstep is not House Music...that's for sure. 
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