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Thank you Brannan for reaching out that quick. I hope everything goes smoothly. 
Thank you. I hope he will be able to help me sooner than later.
I think alot of the issues I've been having may be related to an imbalance issue I have noticed today. The audio on my left channel cuts in and out, but mostly in the higher frequencies. The audio usually sounds muffled. Best way to explain it. I have just contacted Noble Audio support. I really HOPE someone can help me gets this squared up ASAP. I just received these two days ago, and it is a horrible feeling to have a lemon. This has been more than frustrating so far to...
Thank you. I appreciate hearing this from you. Maybe I should get used to having the IEM sit a bit outside my canal. It would be the only IEM that I do this with. 
I use the spinfits for 90% of the IEMs I own. Love them. Wish they would work on the K10u a bit better.
Spinfits were the first tip I tried using ;)     No luck there. I've even got all three sizes.
Thank you, I've also tried using at least 5 different westone style cables (2 pin) and have not had much success. I am looking into different options. 
Thank you sir. I have used a few double flange luck there..I do have a few triple flange, and may give it a try. In the past the triple flanges have never given me much success. I have even tried using various comply models. Those babies always fit securely, almost too securely...and they still fall out of my ear. While sounding great, it is dysfunctional to have it fall out of my ears with ease...thanks for working with me guys. I don't like complaining, and...
They are heavy in bass when needed, which I do like. Very natural in that sense I feel. Nothing is overly colored, but I know the K10 is still far from neutral. If I may ask, and not only to you Buddhahacker, is the K10u supposed to fit shallow? Is this the preferred and optimal way, and easiest way to use the K10u? Even with the deeper fitting tips I use, I am still not able to have it sit in the ear securely. I don't have overly big or small canals. I always use...
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