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The stock velours for the hd8 are great.
I can attest to the customer service of Cypher Labs. Best in the industry. I love my T720. Does the job to perfection! 
mine is cranked to the MAX. 
What do you mean dj'ing? You mean monitoring? If so, then yes. It does. I'm a dj and it does the job fine. There are probably better dj iems out there. I love my 846 for listening, for monitoring it is a different story. It also depends on the mixer you are using, headphone output. Most mixers are built to drive full-sized headphones. You can easily blow both your ears and iems out from a mixer if not cautious. I find that using my ie80's vs the 846 for monitoring and...
I would say the fit and cable are a HUGE reason...as the fit affects the sound. The sound with the roxannes is a bit more artificial I find compared to the 846 and the mentor. I am awaiting someone to make a cable for the roxanne that has more durability at the guide wire and also does not lose its integrity. 
New arrangement as of February 2015:   UM Mentor Universal (FINALLY, the sound has settled and grown on me. Very fun, huge soundstage, clear and fits like a bullet in a chamber.) Shure SE 846 (fits amazingly in my ears, amazingly smooth at mid-level volumes, could even say this is tied for 1st place) JH Roxanne Universal (was the #1 a few months back, the stock cable is sub-par and the fit is the MOST finicky of all) Aurisonics ASG-2 (my workout iem) Sennheiser IE80...
Sennheiser ie800 is junk...the 846 has a lot of similarities to the 850. Maybe try the universal Roxanne. That is around that price range and will blow the 850 out of the water.
hahaha , i think what you posted and the pic are pretty funny. (as disgusting and tasteless as it is) alot of headfi geekery here depends on equipment, cables, tips, sources...etc...some people get overly caught up in the tech and completely ignore the fact that you may have a huge collection & deposit of soot/****/wax in your ears that is inhibiting you from getting optimal sound. 
um3x bass quantity equal to the 846? not by a long shot! 846 is miles further in terms of quantity and quality. um3x is unique, and by unique i mean claustrophobic. the asg2 is more comparable to the 846. the um3x is a few notches below.
New Posts  All Forums: