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My wife is accepting and hasn't gotten on my case yet. (It's only because I buy her stuff to distract.) I will post some pics up tomorrow. I also want to send a pm your way so I don't keep hogging up prime picture setup territory.
I bought the theorem 720 because of you.
Too cool man. Respect.
I will post my setups soon....but the first thing that boggles my mind is what he does? He obviously can't be married because what wife would let a husband buy all those fun toys? I've seen a few other setups of his and read his profile page. Seems like a humble guy, always has positive things to say. A glass half full type. Always good to have around these forums I'd think. I have so many questions to ask regarding the comparison of amps/headphones/, the profile... have some of the sickest setups around you absolutely mind if I ask what you do for a living? 
No squeaks here. Just nice clicking action.
I'm not sure about the whole international shpeal...other intl companies most likely do a better job considering. However, I think for what it's worth, Lune Cables (& Co.)  are sub-par for the audiophilic buyer. I buy from domestic (USA) due to the fact that service is almost always more responsive and in general a much easier process. 
I am using the Meelec Double Flange Tips on both my ASG2 and the Universal Roxanne. They bring out the best in both IEMS. Tones the mid-bass down a bit, draws the sub-bass out. Adds air and soundstage in comparison to alot of other tips I've used. 
The cable itself was bad, the service/turnaround time was worse. I don't understand how you can charge that much and give that little. Not one, but TWO cables. I picked up the Silver Dragon for the ASG2 recently. Much better...geez...even the Westone Epic cable did a nice job.
Dear coolmingli, what did you not like about the roxanne? Also, is it necessary in your opinion to upgrade the stock mentor cable?
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