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I'll be able to make a comparison very soon. Getting my U12 Monday.
I'll second that. I love my 846. Love the k10u more. The 846 fits better though. It is the best fitting universal I own.
I have not tried the angie or layla. The Roxanne will be the last item I ever purchase from JH. Just an ass backwards company. The layla and angie don't really do it for alot of the members here. Check out the Noble Lineup, universal series. The make quality products and have an excellent support staff/team.
The Roxanne's are distant. They are also warm and probably moreso than the 846.
I also had issues with my Roxanne cable the day I received it. Had to send it back, wait a week. But it worked out after. I also think that moon audio is not the most considerate company. I've experienced a lot of arrogance from the owner, don't even remember his name and don't feel bad. Cables there are over-rated. So many other companies that give more consideration and care for you money.
Just want to let everyone know my original impaired K10u was replaced by a new working set. Brannan was a gentleman and did a fine job helping me. Good to see true nobility being brought to the Noble name. I definitely feel alot more comfortable making future purchases, recommendations in the future to the Noble brand. I will post revised impressions/mini-review once I get some hours on it. I'm also going to work on making reviews and comparisons of the IEMS I have in my...
I will post revised impressions. I'm sure it had a lot to do with the unfortunate channel imbalance.
Thank you Brannan for reaching out that quick. I hope everything goes smoothly. 
Thank you. I hope he will be able to help me sooner than later.
I think alot of the issues I've been having may be related to an imbalance issue I have noticed today. The audio on my left channel cuts in and out, but mostly in the higher frequencies. The audio usually sounds muffled. Best way to explain it. I have just contacted Noble Audio support. I really HOPE someone can help me gets this squared up ASAP. I just received these two days ago, and it is a horrible feeling to have a lemon. This has been more than frustrating so far to...
New Posts  All Forums: