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I've been using the ASG2 still...strong...even after receiving the Roxanne Universal, UM Mentor...such a unique, lovely sound out of the ASG2. They are so light in weight in comparison. 
HD600 has been out for a few decades, the HD800 is a staple in the HF community. I own the HD600, and find it to be a wonderful headphone. I also find no need to upgrade at the moment, at least for open headphones. 
You have to question motives and intentions when a new headphone comes out this often. From what it looks like, every new offering brought out is a huge improvement. For buyers of the previous model generation, this has to be running through their minds. It has to make you feel like you are always losing, buying an inferior, overhyped product. You know a company is doing something right when thier flagship stays put for years without question.
People are just getting their roxanne orders in now from last Black Friday, lol.
True. I can see what you are saying and can agree. I sometimes on occasion still use my 846, Rox, Mentors at the gym, although the IE80 and ASG2 leave me with the least guilt. :). As much as I would like to listen to my headphones...I too use my IEM 75-80% of the time. 
  Put in your work and check the ASG2 forum. There is quite alot of information there. Also, if interested, try to contact Aurisonics, Andy, personally. Or try the for sale section here. you may happen to come across a ASG2 or ASG2.5 for cheap. When you are working out, working out should be your FIRST priority, not sound quality IMHO. However, I try to meet that line somewhere in the middle. The asg2 does a fine job, and sounds amazing. if you look hard enough you may...
These are very durable, however, I feel there are many better options for workout IEMS. I have actually worked out with these, slow controlled lifting, no bouncing, sweating or cardio. They did the job well, and I'm sure you CAN use them. However, this doesn't mean you SHOULD use them. I actually use my ASG2 to workout now. Sounds amazing and is very light. As for sounding like the LCD3? Can't agree as I only have the LCD2.2. 
Thanks. I just got the Mentors in today. The order may change...but I'm usually set in my ways. The roxannes wowed me. I'm still waiting for that wow moment with the Mentors. If anything I would actually put the 846 and the mentors at a tie. Again, this may change after using them tonight...:)
JH roxanne universal Um mentor Univeral Shure 846 Asg2 Ie80
Nice. I bought based on reviews. I actually wanted to try the 1+2, but wasn't exactly on board with the snobbery in the forums or the sales approach. I figured if you spend a premium on a product you should get premium service. It is a far cry in today's world. Why can't people be more helpful and considerate? Isn't that the story. Back to the topic at hand, I bought based on reviews and some information from private messages I've sent back and forth between members in...
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