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You my friend need to try the 846.
Ie800 was garbage. 846 ANYDAY. From form to function the 846 steps all over the 800. And this is coming from a BIG fan of the sennheiser sound. 846s are actually the first pair of shures I own. I actually preferred and still prefer the ie80 over the ie800 as well.
Yes true. I meant it as a good thing. I have had the ASG2 since release, and have been a pretty big fan of the sound. So what I am saying is, if someone has never even listened to the ASG2 and jumped to the ASG2.5, the difference he is hearing from the 2.0 to 2.5 is absolute and not relative to our ears. Us current ASG2 owners cannot really take his 2.5 review into account because the ASG2 sounds exactly as he described the ASG2.5.
If you don't have the asg2 to compare to it, you may as well be describing the way the asg2 sounds.
Ie80>ie800 for bass presence.
  I have owned the 846 for about 3 months now. Love them. Been tip rolling with the limited narrow bore tips I have...I was using the mushroom mediums for the past few months, now switched to the medium olives...amazing...I wasn't a fan of the westone star-tips. Anyway, back to why I quoted Stirman...if I were to read this forum now after seeing all of the failed earpiece drivers lately, I may have never even decided to purchase. I am actually still a little concerned in...
Hd8. It will most likely sound veiled though coming from the he400.
After reading this thread, I am way too glad I didn't invest in either the custom or universal sirens...
Thank you. Someone actually confirms and recognizes this. Look forward to your more detailed impressions.
+1, guys at Aurisonics are amazing. Most professional service I've dealt with so far.
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