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Best investment you can make for an IEM. I've blown $1000's on cables, the spinfits are 100 fold worth it, way more than a cable upgrade IMHO. For a "universal" wide-bore IEM, it is well-worth it. 
I still love my ASG2's after the past few years, even after acquiring a few $1000 plus IEMS...I recently started using "Spinfit" tips in the ASG2. AMAZING. The tips create such a beautiful seal that is comfortable to your ear canal. It is because of this I have started using the ASG2 more in my lineup. The other two IEMS I use with frequency are the UM Mentor and the JH Roxanne, both universal versions, both with Spinfit tips. So using only Spinfit tips has allowed me to...
Rankings as of June 2015, all in order of ranking:   (Frequently Used) Audeze LCD2.2 JH Roxanne Universal (spinfit tips) UM Mentor Universal (spinfit tips) Sony MDR 7520 Sennheiser HD600 Aurisonics ASG-2 (spinfit tips) Shure SE 846 Sennheiser IE8i Sennheiser IE80 (w/IE8i Cable) Pioneer HDJ 2000 MK2 Sennheiser HD8   (Rarely Used) ATH Pro700MK2 Sennheiser Amperior HiSound Wooduo2 AKG 181DJ AKG 420 JVC HA-S500  
7520>>>>>>HD8. And I loved the HD8. Using the new Pioneer HDJ 2000 MK2...
7520 are great.
Correct. Besides looking sleeker, I think the IE8 holds a definite raw sound over the IE80. I don't mean to get anyone's panties hot and bothered. At this moment the Roxanne Universal and the IE8 are on the same level enjoyment wise. There are way more details and layers in the Roxanne, but the IE8 wins on portability. There are plenty of HF's who also feel the same way in regards to the IE8>IE80, definitely not the first one to state. 
I've collected a few nice iems over the years. What originally got me into the game was the ie8. I used it for a good two years, just when it was breaking in, then sold it for an ie80. Been using that for the past two years. Picked up an ie8i last week. I have to say....I much prefer the ie8/8i sound. Much more raw and alive to me. Maybe 20-30% difference in sound. Plus the ie8 looks cooler...uniform black metallic body.
I would try earsonics velvet iem.
The stock velours for the hd8 are great.
I can attest to the customer service of Cypher Labs. Best in the industry. I love my T720. Does the job to perfection! 
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