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over the past years I have been less interested in quantity and more in quality. i still have to listen to the u12 and have it run around my collection. the sound was instantly pleasing.
(underground tip here) - I cut out the nozzle of any narrow nozzle I could find. I had a few spare Westone tips lying around. I snuck the cylinder into the wider nozzle of the spinfit/spiral dot. Works VERY well.  Can't imagine the CP800 being any different than a modded CP100. 
just got it this morning. listened to it for about 10 minutes. general impressions are WONDERFUL. i am going to start formulating a review in the next week that gets into more detail regarding any comparisons. but the overall sound from the u12 is incredible. it put a smile on my face right away. the only other iem to do this was the 846. i will never get rid of the 846 due to the fact that it is such a unique implementation of bass and isolates very well. i need to sit...
It is a bad trade-off. Sound and comfort run hand-in-hand. Again, Spinfits are great. Also try JVC Spiral Dots. I have both, and both work very well. You may also go the sensaphonics route, but if you go that far you might as well get the real thing, custom IEMs. 
Kind of a trolling comment, haha. What does "every aspect" mean? Not much behind that comment. I can say this because I have followed the um mentor forum from inception, as well as owning a mentor universal (and now a k10u for the past 2 weeks:).The mentor and the k10 do things very differently. I am formulating a bigger and more serious review of a few universal iems I own, aiming to be published within the next month. But in a jist between the two, the k10 is alot warmer...
I think spinfits isolate well. It is the body of the iem that also contributes to isolation. The black olives may isolate a bit better, but also take away from the 846's (and other IEMs) abilities to reproduce improved sound. 
I believe Spinfit came out with a series that fits the narrow bore of the 846, Westone bores. I used so many different tips on the 846, including star tips from Westone. They weren't bad, but the Spinfit fits like a baseball in a well-broken in baseball glove. Just perfectly implemented to the 846's strengths.
Those are the factors I will be focusing on. I find it is much more helpful comparing IEMS than describing each one, one-by-one. Especially since most here have heard the 846, comparisons should be easier for most here to understand when I try my best to compare it against other top-level iems. I can't really say I have a favorite, but I do have favorites at times. Honeslty, they are all my favorites. My little expensive children that each have three own personalities,...
Since all objective measurements can be found and compared online, I will put together a subjective (obviously ) review and comparison of the IEMS. I will rate them in my preferred order of listening. I listen to everything under the sun, so no genres are left out.
846 is hard to beat in the fun and engaging department. K10u is a wonderful iem that is engaging and emotional. I have found myself at times listening to the same songs I usually do but FEELING them more for some reason with the k10u. It is effortless and hard to describe. I would give the 10u and u12 a shot if possible. Otherwise just wait a few days. I'm going to post up some initial comparisons between the 10u , u12 , se846 and more.
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