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Coming from your current iem, you will probably be blown away.
Jus make sure it's the post/mailman before any crazy accusations. Hope it works out. It would be crazy if it was a postman and not some neighborhood thug. It's very unlawful to tamper w/packages or others mail.
It's times like this where you need to have a signature required...
I still like them. I just think I need some time for the IEM to grow on me. I didn't get that WOW factor that I've gotten with some other IEMS...Some gripes. I will probably go customs later on. Thanks for the feedback Skildit/Shini.
So I've been using the Mentor for a little bit now. Upgraded to the "Tinsel" cable from ALOaudio. The included generic cable that comes with the mentor is HORRIBLE. The ear guides just fell apart like chicken off a freshly cooked rotisserie chicken. This left me with disappointed. I would be a much happier camper if the cable included was of a better/higher quality. These are also the universal version, I was told wait time is around 3 weeks. Took about 6.5 -7 weeks. Other...
I've been using the ASG2 still...strong...even after receiving the Roxanne Universal, UM Mentor...such a unique, lovely sound out of the ASG2. They are so light in weight in comparison. 
HD600 has been out for a few decades, the HD800 is a staple in the HF community. I own the HD600, and find it to be a wonderful headphone. I also find no need to upgrade at the moment, at least for open headphones. 
You have to question motives and intentions when a new headphone comes out this often. From what it looks like, every new offering brought out is a huge improvement. For buyers of the previous model generation, this has to be running through their minds. It has to make you feel like you are always losing, buying an inferior, overhyped product. You know a company is doing something right when thier flagship stays put for years without question.
People are just getting their roxanne orders in now from last Black Friday, lol.
True. I can see what you are saying and can agree. I sometimes on occasion still use my 846, Rox, Mentors at the gym, although the IE80 and ASG2 leave me with the least guilt. :). As much as I would like to listen to my headphones...I too use my IEM 75-80% of the time. 
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