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+1, guys at Aurisonics are amazing. Most professional service I've dealt with so far.
Westone must have an overstock of their new line. Most likely not selling well.
I have a positive experience with aurisonics customer service. Very good service, if not best in the industry.
Anyone who likes the IE80's sound may appreciate the HD8's sound as well. (Sennheiser's new flagship DJ Headphone)   I've been using the IE80's since their release, actually have three pairs. The HD8's are very impressive over-ears. 
Considering this is the BASSHEAD CLUB...I have to say, anyone who loves to actually feel bass through your body and chest cavity seriously needs to look at the subpac. I just received mine from a 6 month wait. The thing literally feels like you have a 10 inch sub strapped to your back. The bass is tight and extends down LOW...very impressive I must say. I am using the portable version, M1. This is seriously one of the best inventions for anyone who needs bass. I pulled off...
I'll agree with that. $400 is chump change to spend on a pair of headphones as a working dj.
Exactly grizzlybeast. People shouldn't forget that these are for DJ's. Not for the average listener. People have been posting up graphs, analyzing showing objective measurements, etc...which is great...however, this is a performance headphone for DJ's. DJ's don't exactly have time to sit, analyze and fuss about graphs, every little detail, etc. These just work and have qualities that most DJ's value and will pay the extra money for. For what they are, they may be a bit...
Hmm...bright and neutral...I would say neither of those two. 
It isn't always about price necessarily. Like a lot of things in life, we are always looking for the best value for our dollar. However, regardless of price, these perform like $250 dollar IEMs. I've used quite a bit of the more popular bassy IEMs for the past few years. Once I put the WD2 in my ears, I felt like I got a steal. I paid $60. The wood is very classy. Bass is warm and textured with at times, pounding impact. Definitely V-shaped, but not over the top. These are...
JH audio Roxanne siren. Buy two. One for you. One for me.
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