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The included cord that comes with the 7520 is way too long and unstable. It tangles way too quickly for any type of studio work. I wish Sony included a more durable and functional coiled cord. But good news is that you can change cords easily. I have found a few different options. 
Can opener is a quality app. Equalizer is also a solid app if you can eq properly.
It doesn't defeat the purpose, it is the purpose. That's like putting big tires on a car and saying your wish you could feel the road more. Just put on your other pads and da"da! you get midbass. No other way around it. It's the distance and space in the earcup that decreases the midbass sensation.Also...check out equalizer and can opener. These are the two best apps for eq'ing...that is if you know how to eq.
or eq.
stock pads.
You won't like the q40. It sounds like you like a mix of mid and sub-bass. I like the pro700, does a fine job and is a step above the vmodas.
Check out the basshead thread. Pro700mk2, jvc 2000, sennheiser hd7/8. Vmoda are toys.
D600s might be best for you. The hd600s may not have crazy levels of bass, but they are very good headphones that will make your mixes better.
Reduction in midbass is probably one of the positives in performing this mod. Otherwise, you can always use the stock pads.
Some of the qualities I've found first are:    1. The sound. The most important factor in a headphone. No pink paint gloss, sponsorships, or any of that non-sense. It is a very clean sounding headphone that produces bass and all other frequencies very well. No sibilance at high levels of play. Running this out of a Xone 92, the sound that comes out is pure sultry warmth.    2. The fit. They fit snug without cutting off circulation. I can be sensitive to headband...
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