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hahaha , i think what you posted and the pic are pretty funny. (as disgusting and tasteless as it is) alot of headfi geekery here depends on equipment, cables, tips, sources...etc...some people get overly caught up in the tech and completely ignore the fact that you may have a huge collection & deposit of soot/****/wax in your ears that is inhibiting you from getting optimal sound. 
um3x bass quantity equal to the 846? not by a long shot! 846 is miles further in terms of quantity and quality. um3x is unique, and by unique i mean claustrophobic. the asg2 is more comparable to the 846. the um3x is a few notches below. so happy I did not invest in these after once again reading the latest reviews.
Well, I did not have the opportunity to even try them out before. I do however, put in a ton of research before buying. The Rox do sound great...however, the fact that they are already being kicked to the curb for another IEM doesn't really sit well in my opinion. (As well as others opinions as well from what is being written on the boards.) It's not writing anything on here is going to affect the release/production. I am not the only one who feels this way about JH and...
I'm not calling it a yacht. The jump from the price of the Rox to the Layla is TITANIC! Double the price? What the hell is going on at JH? I know I'm not the only one who feels buttsore over the fact that they just "decided" to release a "new" totl iem within an year period of their previous "totl" iem...
Time to close this thread. The Roxanne (including mine) is now irrelevant in the audio world. Everyone jump on the Layla/Angie ship.
I have to agree with the majority of HF'ers here being pissed off. I also just picked up the Roxanne 3 months ago, (even thought it has been out for well over an year) thinking it would not be superseded with anything for a while, not less than an year. What the hell is going on in the minds at JH? "Hmmm....let's just charge double the price and see how many people we can disappoint!" What a crock. If this doesn't make you feel like your money and investment ISN'T... is bad luck...I had better get a replacement with little hassle after this ordeal. They were responsive to my email, so I am at least pleased about that so far. I hope they will follow though for me. 
Yeah, it's a real strange occurrence but it happened. The left ear pierce shattered when I took it out of my ear and placed it back in the metal turn case. I better receive a replacement after this ordeal. It's not like I purposely or even accidentally tried to break these! I expect a well built product at this price!
Ironically, just as this happened the sound was growing on me. I'm hoping this can be fixed quickly/amicably. There isn't much I can do at the moment besides just send them back and wait.
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