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Yes. Only because you love your lcd 2.2 and 650. Which I own. If you ever crave what you have in a headphone in in-ears, the roxanne would suit you nicely.
Sounds like you prefer dark sounding headphones. You like iems? I wonder what you prefer in the IEM world. I can see you liking ie80, 846, roxanne especially.
Too bad you are in Singapore Malevolent. We seem to connect in some ways. I on occasion just say F-it..I'm going to spend a fraction of my paycheck on something I want, not need. I work too hard to feel otherwise. I honestly should have stopped an year ago, but hey, I have no other hobbies besides my wife, fitness, and I've been a dj for a very long time. Music is what makes the dull come to life for me. The mentor is more like a long lost cousin, rather than...
Yeah great water analogy. At the moment I'm trying not to become too emotional about my emotionally driven purchase. Haha, been listening the last few hours and it is growing on me. Like a moss.
Yeah, I will try and contact them. It's SUCH a HEADACHE. I almost don't want to buy anything international again, rather just stick with domestic products. The accessories don't really bug me too much, I'm a meat and potatoes entree guy...not a appetizer or dessert guy if you know what I mean. The mentors are a 7.5/10 for me. Roxanne is 9.0/10, the only thing holding it back is the SIZE of the drivers. I also had a period of disappointment with the Roxannes, but...
I gotta agree with this^..owning both currently.
The included cable with the Mentors isn't even a Westone quality cable. The POS cable just unraveled and fell apart with the HOUR! WTF? Yeah, this can make me angry, especially when you pay $1300 for a deluxe product. I bought two different, sorry, three different cables for the Mentor...well at least for the connector style. I picked up a Tinsel Wire, Silver Dragon, and Ultra-Thin cable (from Earphone Solutions). The Tinsel is ULTRA microphonic, but sounds and fits great....
Yeah, I agree. Hd8 is great. Does the job very well for a DJ. Superb.
Coming from your current iem, you will probably be blown away.
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