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Or you could have purchased on Black Friday. Was around 1300 new.
The k10 if anything is only emotive! I love that this is what it is. People may complain about nothing glaring out, but that is a good trait in terms of musicality. I can understand why in one of the better reviews I've read this year why the k10 was stated as being like "water" and formless. It is neutral in a pure emotional sense, not technical. People shouldn't get so far caught up in the numbers, and enjoy more of what and how that sound is being translated to...
I do hear hissing definitely. But It is there when I have no music playing. When there is music playing, even at low volumes the hiss is non-existent.
The comparison I make will be pure in a sense that both iems have under an hours use. I have not let the sound completely burn-in psychologically. Comparisons will be less biased, even though that will not affect my reviews in general. No one is paying me. I love and use all iems in my collection, and at this point in time am only going to continue to invest in what I believe will round out my collection.
It 100% is. And I love my 846. 
I also wonder why the K10 was sold. I think it is a great IEM, the 846 might be a better value at this point. The two are more similar than different. I wouldn't say the 846 is more clinical. I would say both are not really clinical or analytical but lean towards the emotional side, the K10 more-so. 846 has more sub-bass presence. K10 bass is tighter and leaner. Both K10 and 846 have great mids. Highs can be questionable for the individual preference.
To be honest, the hiss from the 720 alone isn't much. I still appreciate you 720. 
Geez...I hope I don't let you all down! While I work on a more detailed review, what I can say about the U12 is that they sound amazing. Yup, kind of a broad-generalized statement, but it is true. I've only listened to about 5 tracks for about 30 minutes or so...I can say without much hesitation that these are hitting all the sweet spots I have ever wanted in an in-ear monitor. It also is great that I will still have the ability to modify the sound if need be. Right now...
Just got my U12's today. Freaking loving them so far. They are alot lighter than anything I own, yet carry such a beautiful butter in my ears...I may have a new #1...I just received my K10u's last week too...I don't really understand the ADEL tech at this moment, but I can really appreciate what I am hearing so far.
I understand you. I used to be more patient, but at this point in my life music is what brings me enjoyment, so I don't mind spending money on something that elevates my quality of life. I hope to have a review out soon. 
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