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Thank you coolmingli. I am sensitive to sibilance I must say. I will just keep it as it is. I like the way you just described the sound. I also have the 846 and think it is great, so hearing that you haven't touched it since receiving the Mentor really heightens my expectations. You are a good man for keeping your wife's gift, and what a nice wife for getting you a 846. 
Do you have experience with the Roxanne? Any additional information you can make in comparison? I apologize in advance if I'm asking the same question. I read the entire thread twice, but love reiteration. (Also in Head-Fi land, 38 pages in a thread is minute.) :)
Awesome...I wasn't aware of "treble +" that a free modification they can perform on a universal? Does treble + make the Mentor sibilant? Where does the treble + mod have an affect in the frequencies? I am not a treble-head, but I do like detail. I would like every IEM I own to have a different sound sig if possible... Also Shini....I see you have owned alot of headphones in your experiences...what/where do you feel the Mentor stands in terms of soundstage and airiness? 
Someone respond in the next 24 hours and make me feel like I made the right decision! 
Here we go again...I picked up these over the Roxanne Universals...I'm excited to see how this compares against some of the other IEMS I love...846, ASG2, IE80...I didn't want the Rox because even though I appreciate the LCD2.2 sound, I don't wish to have a similar sounding IEM as people have been stating. Some say it sounds like the LCD-3. I do love my bass...what brought me to headfi a few years ago was the search for headphones that could output the most bass...I have...
I'm hoping that deals start to open up on various being Labor Day Weekend and all....I figure that there have to be deals going on...looking to pick up a Universal Roxanne and a AK240.
Thanks! Good info again!
Thanks Cripple, you are definitely one of the more helpful members I've experienced on the forums...if anything, you think it's worth purchasing the newer version? mk2? I've heard the 120 MK1 has high impedance, which may not mesh well with particular headphones. 
Yeah, you've got me thinking about one as well...I will probably keep the Theorem too for what it does. I just have to decide which AK player will suit my needs best. IYHO, Cripple and anyone else with helpful input, I play 320 kbps mp3s typically, not many HQ AAC think it will make a difference if I just use the AK player for HQ mp3 files? (Enough of a difference/upgrade in sound I will be able to notice with the AK120/240?) Or just stick with the 720...
Haha, yeah, I laughed at the first sentence of your response :). Ok, I'll start with this, will it matter if I use mp3's with the AK 120/240? Or in order to take full advantage of what the AK can offer, I have to use high-resolution files. (But I do agree with your second sentence 100%) 
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