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I am still in the midst of testing and comparing my u12 vs the competitors...personally, the u12 is amazing. It is hitting every single aspect of sound I could ever desire. It is neutral to my ears while still having a personality. Amazing soundstage and imaging. I am not new at all to the iem game, and I will say I catch myself with instances of paranoia, thinking I am hearing sounds that are really from the u12, rather than my home. 
Said it a few times here...moon audio has horrible customer service and consideration. They truly just want your money. Had three poor experiences myself and constantly read other unfortunate consumers experience here.
was a busy week. looking forward to moving forward with my review. this weekend should be good with the snow and all.
Well....goodbye to this thread. Fender now owns Aurisonics.
Same thing happened to me with the UM Mentor Universal. Not the most settling feeling when things like this happen effortlessly, and that goes for any IEM above the $1000 price range.
The supplied tips with the k10 work great. Test those out. I would also highly recommend Spinfit and then Sprial dots. Both get amazing reviews. Just don't make the same mistake I made and push the tip all the way in past the nozzle. Attach the tip just so a seal is secured. I find that the tips secure and stabilize much better.
Using a theorem 720 with flac and 320. Even using it out of an iPhone 6+ sounds amazing.
Yes. When using cans, there is virtually no hiss. With high gain and complete silence in the background you may notice. I use the 720 with both iems and cans.
Or you could have purchased on Black Friday. Was around 1300 new.
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