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black filter is sultry. smooth and warm, dark, creamy expresso watching a summer sunset . white filter was like suddenly opening the shades on a bright day after sleeping for 10 hours.
black filter is bomb! 
Shure 846, ASG2, IE80.IE80 is actually a very good option for EDM and/or rock. For other genres, questionable at times. If you listen to other genres equally as EDM then maybe it's best to look elsewhere. ASG2 is a very good option as well. 846 will cost 2.5-3x as much as the IE80. 
Sorry buddy, sounds like you need to "stand up" and ice those knees, lol. If you've read anything at all, my 846 are perfectly fine, for now. However, I do feel empathy for those who have been shorted. And not everyone has had a pleasant experience with Shure's CS. To accept and expect a product to malfunction/die is just unacceptable. The JH situation is a whole different problem entirely. I'm sorry if you have had a concussion. Rest, Ice, Compression, Empathize. :)
I don't think it matters too much. The newer batches have been known to die as well. Someone else purchased from the same site, same date as me. Theirs died, mine did not. (yet...:) )
That is funny...failure and disappointment may be acceptable/tolerable in some situations/instances...however, I prefer not to take it in a bent-over prone position. Hoping for the best is a passive approach at best for a situation like this. I am getting my warranty card ready just in case.
On the same, but lighter seems like people who have had issues with certain batches of 846s haven't had too much of a problem exchanging them.
Exactly. There should be absolutely no excuses. Quality control should be 100%, nothing else. 
Good tip. Thanks.
Someone should take an exact count of malfunctioned 846s. It is more than a few.
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