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Hmm...bright and neutral...I would say neither of those two. 
It isn't always about price necessarily. Like a lot of things in life, we are always looking for the best value for our dollar. However, regardless of price, these perform like $250 dollar IEMs. I've used quite a bit of the more popular bassy IEMs for the past few years. Once I put the WD2 in my ears, I felt like I got a steal. I paid $60. The wood is very classy. Bass is warm and textured with at times, pounding impact. Definitely V-shaped, but not over the top. These are...
JH audio Roxanne siren. Buy two. One for you. One for me.
Thank you pacman. I only own about 4 IEMS now. The um3x and ie800 were great but were not conducive to me at the time. Once I've received the ASG2, I sold the UM3X as the ASG2 already had what the UM3X had plus more. With the IE800, I couldn't stand the ergonomics of the IEM as well as the fit. The IE80 is a lot more durable, sounds full and complete with an emphasized mid-bass bump. The se846 rounds out the collection, it does what the IE800 couldn't do. It is really hard...
Any legitimate reviews - comparisons on the Roxanne Universal yet?
Last revision was June as it stands now in March 2014.   Shure SE846 Aurisonics ASG-2 Sennheiser IE80 Wooduo 2 Sennheiser IE8 Westone 3 JVC-FXZ200 Ath-CKS1000 Westone UM3X JVC fx700 Sennheiser IE800 Denon C300 Sony xb90ex Atrio M5  
Glad to hear that you've received a happy ending. 
Those are actually another viable option. GR07BE may be up your alley too. With workout IEMS, you just want to make sure you don't get anything that's too expensive and is too valuable. (But price and value are relative to each individual.) You are adding sweat, motion, machinery, torsion...into a workout. There are so many more variables to add than just sitting home on your couch and listening. 
Sorry to hear you didn't like you HD8s grizzlybeast. But what you are saying is also true. As a DJ, for very busy passages I find this HP very good at this. I am definitely a fan of the HD8's so far. After using a lot of other dj headphones, I can honestly say that the HD8 hits all the sweet spots when DJing/monitoring. The HD8 definitely is tuned for a louder ear. 
I also have the S500's...very nice can. I've also heard of clamping force issues as well. I always feel like IEMS are a better fit when working out, however, to each their own...I would give the WD2 a shot, they may be a good fit for you. I personally am using IEMS with a guide-wire as it holds over the ear for extra stability. I also use a tip with a very tight seal to minimize any instability. 
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