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NP. I am a HUGE fan of what velour pads can bring in terms of comfort and sound. I also have the vegan LCD pads, but these unfortunately do not fit over the 7520.
Dear Rudi, Would you be kind enough to do a comparison between the Roxanne Universal vs the UM Mentor Universal? I am excited to hear any impressions you have. Thanks!
Is there anything Rudi doesn't have? Haha...
try the beyerdynamic 250 velour pads if the alpha pads change the sound too much. i like what each ear pad brings in sound change. 
More impressions!
Cypher Labs (David) makes amazing products. Very happy and excited to see this.
Yes, I apologize. I wasn't bashing the 800's. It was a slight disappointment being a supporter of most high end Sennheiser products in general. A lot of universal iems come down to fit. The bore of the 800 just wasn't stable in my ears.On another note, if you like westone star tips, I highly recommend trying meelec double flange tips. They sit a little bit deeper in the canal without intruding on any frequencies. They also are very comfortable. To me, they are a step above...
I picked up a silver dragon cable. Nice cable, but I don't know if I'll continue to support an arrogant owner. I would just recommend picking up another aurisonics cable, they are good quality, good sound, some of the best human beings you will deal with.
You'll be bashing the ie800 the minute you put the 846 in your ears.
Exactly. I agree extra with having to release revisions too close to each other. Shows a lack of development, quality and confidence in the product/company. 
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