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Same here. As much as I don't want to, I can't take the U12 out of my ears. If I heard this a few years ago, I never would have spent the money on the other $1000+ iems. Simply stated, there is beauty in the balanced sound of the U12. 
1. 1964 Adel U12 Universal (The best thing that's touched my ears) 2. UM Mentor Universal (Crystal clear; clarity and soundstage are it's strong point) 3. Noble Audio K10A Universal (Balanced...big/heavy/bulky casing...) 4. Aurisonics ASG-2 (Love this...) 5. Shure SE 846 (Sub-bass is unparalleled, fit is 2nd to the U12) 6. JH Roxanne Universal (Bulky...big soundstage, not very clear) 7. Sennheiser IE80 (Actually one of my most used, but subpar in all other aspects vs....
Owning both the U12 and K10UA, I feel the exact same way. Exact. 
Honestly, the stock cable works wonderfully compared with other cables I've tried. At this point, my view of cables are purely for aesthetics, not really an improvement of sound.
I agree.
I agree with organic, warm, and lush. Such a pleasing sound. 
Mine comes hiss free. I am lucky. But I hear that sometimes you can hear hissing...even at lower volumes.
Most wives hear more hiss, is not this true? 
I am still in the midst of testing and comparing my u12 vs the competitors...personally, the u12 is amazing. It is hitting every single aspect of sound I could ever desire. It is neutral to my ears while still having a personality. Amazing soundstage and imaging. I am not new at all to the iem game, and I will say I catch myself with instances of paranoia, thinking I am hearing sounds that are really from the u12, rather than my home. 
Said it a few times here...moon audio has horrible customer service and consideration. They truly just want your money. Had three poor experiences myself and constantly read other unfortunate consumers experience here.
New Posts  All Forums: