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Not sure of your budget, but take a look at the Marantz MCR610. It's a WhatHiFi product of the year award winner and will play pretty much anything you throw at it. Works wirelessly, supports DLNA and Aplple Airplay, can plug USB dives into it, can stream from a NAS, has DAB and FM radio and even a CD player :-)
 Couldn't agree more. Great for EDM (particularly Trance) and Rock/Metal. Really fun sound. I think the UE900 is a much more technically proficient IEM than the TF10, but not actually as much fun to listen to as the TF10 is. The TF10 holds its place as a "classic" IEM, in much the same way as the Etymotic ER4S does (albeit they are completely different sounds), and rightfully so. It's not perfect by any means, but as a fun IEM, it is great.
 What's your budget for your Amp/DAC? The Fiio E07K pairs very well with my Android based phone and is very affordable.
Thank you all for your responses. Apologies for posting in the wrong place too.
 They seem to be a supplier of pre-made cables. It's the wire, connectors etc, I am looking to buy, to make my own cables?
 Dark Lord cable by Sunricky. Readily available on e-bay. Very good.
Hi all, I searched this thread but could only come up with US suppliers.   Can anyone point me in the direction of a supplier of cables and connectors in the UK that would be suitable for making DIY IEM cables? I'm not planning on going into business, this will just be for myself and possibly a couple of mates, so I am not interested in suppliers that will only deal in wholesale volumes    Thank you for your time and any responses.
 Sorry to hear that  The UE900's have indeed been discontinued. 
 Why not? Presuming the people reshelling it know what they are doing and can take the port issues into account and balance the sound correctly, then what's the problem?
Thanks!Did You add the one for the extra bass or the other one?[/quote]Extra bass. Or to be precise, what I was actually after was better bass extension in the sub-bass area, which is notoriously difficult to achieve with BA drivers and I was hoping to achieve with the addition of a dynamic.
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