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 Unfortunately, I can't compare as I have not had a BA4. They are a huge jump up from my HY3 however, which were previously my favourite IEM.I would certainly expect them to be a step upgrade from the BA4, but how big that step will be, I am not qualified to judge. You should talk to Phil and he will advise, I'm sure. Proper impressions of the 6P I will post in due course, I want to spend a week with them first and try all manner of recordings with them.
 Yes, these are the more analytical version of the CE6E. I was slightly concerned that they wouldn't have enough bass for some of the EDM stuff I listen to, but conversations with Phil about this occurred and he felt that the 6P would be bassy enough for me, based on previous feedback I had given him about the HY3 and my reshelled TF10 that he did for me. Phil was absolutely right, these are not lacking in bass in any way, if the bass is in the music, it will be there in...
OK folks, I think I am one of the first to get these :-)   Here's my CE6P in a custom design, being a 'Stealth' look. Based on the angles you see on stealth fighters and finished in a translucent matt black finish.   I've only received them today, so haven't had a chance to give them a workout yet, but initial impressions of the sound are that it is stunning. Beautifully balanced to my ears, with just the right amount of bass, mids and trebles, soundstage is large and...
 Indeed they are. My reshelled TF10's were the prototype for this design. Photos do not do the Steampunk/junk designs justice. When you see them in the flesh you are going to be really pleased. As you say, it's intricate, time consuming work and I think looks great when it's done. It's Philtastic ! :-)
 I believe that is the way that Rockbox approach the issue and it works very well. Even my little Rockboxed Sansa Clip, can handle as many tracks as you throw at it.
How many of you are going to be buying a CE6E/P after the good review? 
 That album is so well recorded and mastered (for a modern day recording that is, we are not talking 'Dark Side Of The Moon' well mastered), it would sound good on a Heinz beans tin to be fair  It sounds really, really good in FLAC from the right source DAP/DAC and with the GR07. 
 I don't know what people are doing with them. The BaX is fine. Are people just stuffing them in their pockets or something?
 That\s exactly what I do. Cinch up to the shells and coil round three fingers and then tuck the end around the coiled loop. When using again, untuck the end and just let the coil drop out under the weight of the shells.
It's the BaX I have for both the 2 pin and the MMCX cables. Neither of them tangle any more than any other cable I have. If you coil them properly before storing them, they uncoil just as easily and I don't find they tangle in use.
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