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 Indeed they are. My reshelled TF10's were the prototype for this design. Photos do not do the Steampunk/junk designs justice. When you see them in the flesh you are going to be really pleased. As you say, it's intricate, time consuming work and I think looks great when it's done. It's Philtastic ! :-)
 I believe that is the way that Rockbox approach the issue and it works very well. Even my little Rockboxed Sansa Clip, can handle as many tracks as you throw at it.
How many of you are going to be buying a CE6E/P after the good review? 
 That album is so well recorded and mastered (for a modern day recording that is, we are not talking 'Dark Side Of The Moon' well mastered), it would sound good on a Heinz beans tin to be fair  It sounds really, really good in FLAC from the right source DAP/DAC and with the GR07. 
 I don't know what people are doing with them. The BaX is fine. Are people just stuffing them in their pockets or something?
 That\s exactly what I do. Cinch up to the shells and coil round three fingers and then tuck the end around the coiled loop. When using again, untuck the end and just let the coil drop out under the weight of the shells.
It's the BaX I have for both the 2 pin and the MMCX cables. Neither of them tangle any more than any other cable I have. If you coil them properly before storing them, they uncoil just as easily and I don't find they tangle in use.
 It's actually a little better than that, when you dissect the content of the review, even though the overall result is a tie. Cosmic Ears wins on BassCosmic Ears wins on MidsCosmic Ears is 1 point short of winning the Trebles Most revealing comment of all, is that the reviewer said if he could only keep one of them, it would be CE's that he would keep. For a small company like CE to be giving CIEM's from 1964 Ears as hard time as that, is extremely impressive. Worth...
Great review and I like your style AManAnd88Keys :-)
 Just to follow up on this, I received the MMCX variant from Colsan Micro last week for my UE900. They have transformed the wearability of the UE900 and brought the same comfort and benefits as the 2 pin version did that I got from Cosmic Ears. One thing to note is that the Cosmic Ears version of the cables has been customised slightly in that there is a curve in the end of the cables where they join the connectors, that enables them to even more easily, curve round the...
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