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So glad the HE-560 pre-order is up! I've cleaned up the original post and added the pre-order link. Thank you everyone at Hifiman 
I apologize for my absence y'all. I promise I'll clean up the title and the first post once these things actually go on sale 
Radio_head perpetually causing head-scratching amongst Head-Fi members 
I'm hoping V-Moda cooks up some memory foam pads for this, a la the M-100's XL pads. I think they'd make the XS super comfy 
The VTF-100 was technically pre-production, though the general consensus is that it wasn't sonically different from the M-100. You also got a hand-written note from Val 
It's safe to expect sonic improvements over the M-80.  I'm sure the update was to bring the on-ear model in line with the M-100, in terms of features and overall detail/clarity. V-Moda does do pre-orders, and they're always fantastic! I pre-ordered the M-100 from them. Although it was $10 more than retail price, they included a set of custom plates, as well as a pair of their Faders earplugs.  (Custom shields are normal $25 and Faders sell for $20) EDIT: And if you count...
Haven't been able to read everything since my last post, but as I tried to catch up, I came up with a little phrasing:   A DAC is to music files as an amp is to headphones.  Each helps to better present something.  If we could plug our headphones straight into our music, that would be ideal, because the headphones would be the only part in that two-step chain that could muddy up the original music.  But alas, we have to convert our digital music (which a proper DAC helps...
OP, two issues I can think of in your setup:   1. You're amping the HD 800 with a freakin' O2. Although some say that combo works well, and it should certainly be better than your laptop's amp, I doubt the O2 is driving the HD800 to it's potential (keep in mind, I've never heard the HD800). Why don't you audition some higher-end amps? The O2 works miracles on many cans, but I doubt as tricky a pair as the HD800.   2. I take it you're not using a DAC, just going Laptop...
 Fun story: I plugged a pair of Grados into a DAC that had a 3.5mm output.  I'm pretty sure blood was coming out of my ears afterwards  
Definitely.  Unless you're doing critical listening, which I hope you're not doing out and about , most open-backs are ok, in fact better due to being aware of your surrounding. 
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