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Quote: Originally Posted by Zafonic Thank you! I'm also thinking about trying the Grado SR60 since these might be a good start and I believe sound pretty good with an iPod! Again, it would be a better value if you chose Alessandro (MS1).
I edited my post about You-Know-What and I ask everybody who mentioned You-Know-What to do the same.
Was looking at the FS forum and thought you might be interested:
Does the adaptor have any influence on sq generally speaking? The reason I'm asking is that a pair of RS 2 is on its way to me, and I'll have to use it with a portable amp for a while. The Grado adaptor costs about $30 where I live and I'll buy it only if the cheap ones change anything regarding the sq.
Quote: Originally Posted by rei_yano tell them that you have aids and you have to wear plugs becuase aids makes your ears more sensitive. then punch them in the face.
Jethro Tull of course! Listen to "Thick As a Brick", which is a one "song" album. If you've never heard them before, I reccomend checking out the live version from Madison Square Garden on youtube, just get an idea of what kind of person Ian Anderson is. A little less known great band: Van der Graaf Generator YouTube - Darkness (11/11) - Van der Graaf Generator And a little Polish accent in this thread: SBB YouTube - SBB - Moja ziemio wysniona - Wish (live in Warszawa,...
I think I've just read "Pink Floyd" . Tim, maybe taking a look at "my" thread will be useful:
Maybe this will help: Bose doesn't get much love here. Their products are said to be the worst in terms of sound quality/price ratio (never heard one, but if you do some search, that's the info you will find).
Since I've stretched my budget already to used RS 1/2s, I think I could manage to spend $600-700 on headphones with an amp already. At least I understand that the entry level system costs this much (or little for some of you). Is there any US internet store that offers worldwide shipping for Stax? How would the entry level Stax compare in terms of SQ to HD600/650/K 701/RS 1/2/etc?
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