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I have the IE80's and the RE262's. I don't have the IE8's but I hope the 80's are a close enough comparison. Anyway, because we listen to the same genres of music, I am going to tell you straight away that the RE262's are NOT what you're looking for. The fit is amazing yes but I love the 262's because of the emphasis on vocals - it does a fabulous job with them. However, when it comes to pop, hip hop, rap or anything with a strong bass, the 262's are not going to do...
I saw this good deal on used klipsch earphones sold by Amazon Warehouse. Can anyone tell me if earphones purchased from Amazon warehouse will still be honored by klipsch for warranty? Its Sunday and Klipsch customer service is closed so I can't call and ask.   Thanks!
Great start. I'll look them up right now. thanks!
Now I'm no music expert on music sound or anything but I can honestly say out of all the earphones I have tried yet, they are the best I've listened to. The sound is warm and enveloping and lush. It doesn't attack you or beat you over the head with its sound but in a way makes you close your eyes and want to pay attention to your music without analyzing it. I listen to everything from Garbage to Radiohead to Usher, Brandy and Kanye West and this is where the X10's gives...
I've gone through countless IEMs over the past year looking for an IEM with the lovely sound of the Klipsch X10i with a flush fit, and better highs but I've been unsuccessful.    Here is my history:    Klipsch X10 - my favorite sound. Very warm and romantic if that makes sense. Very fragile and not a flush fit. Could be a tad bit clearer. I also wished for more exciting highs.   ShureSE215- above average sound pretty good bass but lacking somewhat in intimacy...
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