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I may buy them just to change up my gear because they are still a good price for the performance.  I'll probalby go back tomorrow with my DAC.
The MSR7 is at Yodobashi camera now...I have mixed feelings.  They sound great, but they don't wow me.  I also didn't like the Twix-like headband or the thin plastic holding the sliders in place.
trap stuff       bigroom stuff
check out Takstar Pro80 is you want headphones with larger oval earcups kinda cheap. I have used Philips Oneil Stretch for transplants four times already. The best mix of durable parts.
Will be back in Japan in December, and looking forward to hearing these! Price is surprisingly low for what it is offering.
Anyone have good examples of big room + trap fuzed together in a good way?  Many tracks out there always finish off the last quater of the track by just switching to trap instead of mixing in elements throughout the whole track. Example    
I just ordered these on impulse for a driver swap project, and just cancelled it minutes later when I saw that it is not all metal...
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