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I was somehow reminded of synth-metal when I came across an old Blood Stain Child song and been listening to The Unguided all day.  I used to listen to this stuff in my younger years.  Didn't think synth-metal was still around. It's very different metal than what I listen to normally.      
Newest stuff from Cooh.      
Found this band today: Pomigranite Tiger. It's similar to Animals As Leaders, but maybe a little harder. Here is an 11 minute track.
I definitely miss As Blood Runs Black. Always looking for another album like that which makes me want to do flips. Her Name In Blood was good too. Lots of energy.Then they turned into a hard rock band...
I've been listening to this band lately.  
I need more trap like this.  9 minutes of progressive badassnessery.  
I don't think there is a perfect or best headphone,only better and badass.
After seeing it worn,I gotta say that I hate the way it looks now. It looks like a microphone pop filter on your ear, and it doesn't really make sense for a closed headphone. The mesh does nothing and adds extra weight. The smaller on ear model looks better.
This is my portable setup that I bring with my laptop. I need the tablet for work to multitask, and don't even bother bringing my phone.  Don't want to use the laptop for music since it lasts less than 5 hours. The DAC sounds much better this way than when plugged into the laptop or even desktop. I need a cable like this, but shorter
Plug it into another available USB port. I had that problem when plugged into the rear, but it is gone when plugged into the side port.
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