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This is my portable setup that I bring with my laptop. I need the tablet for work to multitask, and don't even bother bringing my phone.  Don't want to use the laptop for music since it lasts less than 5 hours. The DAC sounds much better this way than when plugged into the laptop or even desktop. I need a cable like this, but shorter
Plug it into another available USB port. I had that problem when plugged into the rear, but it is gone when plugged into the side port.
I'll be back in Japan for a third time. Looking forward to hearing new 2014 gear and keeping up to date. It feels like I'm actually saving money and time by not buying headphones and returning them. Unfortunetly, plane ticket prices really go up $100 every year
Should have said Shure SRH440+840 pads because that is a very durable housing and sounds great.
 Ah, so I wasn't crazy.  I thought the 1540 had boomy bass on first listen too (which is unexpected for a Shure headphone), but I did have the volume up because I was in a loud electronics store.  I use the SRH940 daily, and although the 1540 will still be my next purchase, something didn't seem right when I was flipping through music.
My C5D laser engraving :D           So you see it's better to have an image with more mid tones.  More light grays than large dark spots (when desaturated).  Looks better at certain angles than straight on.
Jamming out to Meanders new album      
About to hit 1 million views in 24 hours.
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