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Just bought a pair of VMODAs M100s, a step up from my crummy $4 plastic cheap headset. I really want to use my volume control on my laptop and my Clip Zip, how would I go on about doing so?
Just searched those earphones on google and they're $300 on amazon. That is absolutely bonkers! I'm guessing those have a lifetime warranty? ;o   Also, I plan to use a set of IEMs for jogging...which ones under $50 would you recommend? (preferably hooks)
What I'd actually expect from an audiophile community!   To be honest, I can't really tell the difference from a 192kbps to a flac. Hopefully I can pick up the subtle differences after I spend some time listening to 320kbps-flac only files. :3
By the way guys, how do we check the MP3 quality of the file?   Is there a certain program that you guys use? Is the audio properties in the windows tab to be trusted?
So what threshold (ie 192kbps, 128kbps) do you limit your music at for your portable music player?   So for example if you cannot tell between a 192kbps file to a FLAC file, your threshold would be 192kbps...(as you can see I may not be using the right jargon sorry I'm new to the whole audiophile thing)
Haha!   If I were to purchase a 64gig card, that card would cost me $80. :P That could purchase two of the clip zips in case one broke.
Actually I have a lot more questions ahah. >.<   So I have decided to buy the Clip Zip! :)   I also want memory expansion and I'm looking at two micro SD cards right now...   The black SD card is priced at $25 and the red and grey...
I compared an Adele Skyfall flac file to the official music video on youtube and youtube's version had a much more crisp, and accentuated recording.   I always thought youtube videos played mp3 files?
Okay, last question haha.   How does the build quality compare to the new ipod shuffle (another worthy candidate in my opinion)? I'm hoping that it can last beyond 2 years at least? :| I am a heavy user.   @skamp would installing rockbox void the warranty of the product?
I would really love to have that album heart! :D However I've been taking a look at both players on Amazon since waiting for your response just then. Apparently a lot of consumers are saying that the Clip Zip shuts down abruptly and haven't been able to turn on. Would this be a battery issue or a firmware issue (rockbox would fix that right?)?   also how do i benefit from installing the rockbox firmware? (never really heard of it until today)
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