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what eartips are those buddy?  i'm quite liking my vsd3 2.0 =) a bit peaky in the treble, maybe a bit more so then the original vsd3s. but that's probably because of the slightly more forward mids and the pulled back bass
 i have to concur! i like the vsd3s version 1 and the vsd3s version 2.  their slightly peaky treble (vsonic house sound) may not be agreeable towards everyone. I think because of that (the smoothness,dark chocolate nature of the se215) along with the detachable cables and lastly the reputable brand that is shure makes them an easy choice for first time buyers (especially when its the first time spending over $50 on earphones)  i found the im70 to have a slightly recessed...
is that your pair bud?
The vsd3s original is a bad example of what you mentioned. Prioritizing Interchangeable cable over a decent jackIm more on the either companies make:1)better secure interchang 2 pin cables (because s mmcx can be done badly like the onkyo fc300, or vsds3)2) or make well constructed andrelieved fixed cables like the rha earphones
Where did you hear the t2s were decent relative to the vsd5?Like u stated in a later post, they are definitely inferior.The t2s was a nice attempt at the budget hybrid concept....But thats really it....the build was questionable, isolation was sub par.And the thread almost completely came to a halt
I think the t3s is not as flat in the bass as the t1The t3s has a bit more emphasi in the subasss,Its just i think the upper mids jumps out more.But i found the t1s punchier for whatever reason
Hello can u take a picture of the scratch on the luxe?
Im not quite sure what to think then... the t5s and the t3s are identical as far as the physical dimensions.So that maybe why some found the t5s very bassy, and the t3s just slighly warmWhereaa me and @brooko seems ro find the t5s appropriately balanced slightly warm, and the t3s a bit on the thinner side.I remember trying to find some tips amongst the sea of them in my drawer. Trying to add some warmth. But at this point i accepted it and just use em with the sony...
Oh my... i think we have a new record here guys
If ur getting sibilance then theres a seal issue
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