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What do you mean by nest?The carrying case?As in u need to use ur own cable?
Thumbs up my friend, thumbs up!Now the waiting! Wonder how fast express shipping :0Interested in your thoughts too bud!Heres hoping both of ours make it before xmas
nice! the im03 seems chubbier but looks a bit more ergonomic
 haha! my  BE is half way on its way out!  it cuts out occasionally, the connection near the earpiece (i suspect its the lack of strain relief finally caught up with the gr07)  however when it doesn't cut out, it sounds pretty much as day one if anything!  which is why i was debating on whether or not to get the BE or the gr07x (or save my money entirely, and live with my Dunu Titan 1 and 5, which i'm happy with).  HOWEVER...... not being with a gr07 seems a bit crazy sooo...
Arghhh!!! U guys made me bite the bullet!I got a pair of the blue gr07x ordered this morningI honestly hope its closer to the older gr07 then the new vsd3sI found the treble there a bit harsher and fatiguing.Which wasnt the case with the older gr07be. Which wasnt smooth by any means but smoother
Headband is pretty much fixed(non replaceable) as far as i know
I havent compare them perfectly side by side.But i found the eph 100 to be punchier and a bit tighter.The midrange is a bit clearer.The treble seems to be an issue for some users on the eph100.I found the model 3 to be smoother with similar extension.Im not sure id work out with the model 3sFabric cable doesnt work well with sweat
finally finished my review!    some nitpicks but overall very nice overall!   http://www.head-fi.org/products/advanced-sound-model-3/reviews/17351  
the iphone 7 friendly advanced model 3    but old school wired purists can have their cake too!   http://www.head-fi.org/products/advanced-sound-model-3/reviews/17351  
just finished my review of the Model 3 from Advanced!      Very impressive how versatile they are our wireless era! http://www.head-fi.org/products/advanced-sound-model-3/reviews/17351  
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