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no generally my findings are the same as yours its not really all that v shaped tbh there is elevated bass its a bit more linear across the bass but no where near basshead level (i could even go as far as to say their a bit bassy, just a bit) the midbass there is a slight elevation so i think it ever so slightly bleeds into the lower mids but soo smooth mids generally are what stand out for me, their forward, more so on the female >male but never overbearing at all the...
Holy crap i never thought of that matte black xs with the silver sheilds soo niceBut im absolutely drooling over ur friends white xs with gold sheilds. My pair is the same combo but her custom fairy logo looks amazing. Im actually googling a pegasus version of that kinda logo
I hope i dont get flamed for this but i actually like the beats/monster cables.Their overpriced yes, their colour(ehh im indifferent) but the quality and build is good especially for portable purposes (they have the beefy thick ones from beats pro, or the lighter ones from solos, studios.Anyone noe where i can genuine in CANADA . I noe in the states u can get the cables individually off the monster website. Unfortunately u cant so this in canada.The vmoda cables are nice...
yup apparently the m80 had this as well so i don't think this is the contributing factor for comfort regardless its immensely comfortable for an on ear 
the ones on your white m100s are nicer (imo ahha) but i think the design should have been bigger more along with the size dimension difference between the m100s and the xs
 i currently own the xs and actually posted a review up on youtube would love to hear your thoughts, the channel is really new! and i'm still working out the kinks 
oh no! i did that a few times (like 10 times already)  is there already an issue on the xs! =(
wow i wouldn't have thought the xs could stay on your head through all of that being such a lazy bum i was lying in bed with them and they actually slipping off when i was lying down and as i was getting up it slipped off  something tells me somethings amiss if you could do all that but mines can't even stay on while lying and getting up from bed
haha i have 4 main iems haha (gr07 be , re400, monster turbines, jvc fxd80) 1 is not enough 2 seems like the most sane # for iems haha but i have 4 more crappier (gym ones lying around)
how would you say the cables and overall build quality compare to the gr07?  the treble comparison? the gr07 is really a hit or a miss for a lot of people (for me its almost a homerun, theres a bit of siblance i can't fully overlook sometimes depending on the recording
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