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I seriously doubt those two are better than the gr07 be but then again... In the last 72 hrs i bought the havi and the red and blue vsd3 so who knows
 hey i noticed you asked about the jvc fxd80, i have a review on these bad boys up on my youtube channel. check it out!  As for the fxt90 you own, you said your not a fan of the treble (would you be interested in selling it) =)???
  i agree with what your saying, when outside you do need a bit of extra bass (for the oomph) my bassier gear sounds less bassier outside after selling my fiio e6. i feel like when outside i could use a bit of extra bass (even with the "no eq" setting theres a bit more bass) and i could easily just turn off the amp when at home ( i still use my ipod at home) its just more convenient for me
 sorry guys but your all wrong, the gr07 sounds good on basically everything =)! absolutely still in love with my gr07be after almost 8 months with it. (i feel like i will get another one if my current pair shorts out). so glad they still make the be versions. its too bad i never had a chance to try the mkII =( you win some you lose some! (big win for me anyway) 
 yes the headband is bendable but overall in my review of the sennheiser momentum on ears i did feel that they were more comfortable than the v-moda xs (the earpads are more breathable) and oddly enough it felt more secure on the head as well (i think v-moda should try thickening the headband)--> giving it more stability similar to the momentums heres the link the momentum on ears (on my youtube channel) skip to the comfort and sound quality portions (when i refer to the...
it would really depend on what kind of scratches like i screwed up when swapping out the shield and scraped the sheilds using the hex screw yet... theres no mark =)!
hi there id be very interested in doing a review for these new iems!   i'm a very active head-fier heres the link to my profile:   here is a link to the written reviews i have done so far   i also started a youtube channel reviewing headphones as well at this link here: with over 8000 views so far   My youtube channel in...
Oddly i never had anyone ask me that question, i have the black momentums (no ivory as far as i can see in canada yet)
this is related but i hope i don't get bashed. i was gonna get a pair of monster diamond tears (they were on sale too) they look like this  i ended up not getting them not because of the looks but because of the seemingly week hinges. i actually loved the look of the diamond tears,(plus its white so its hard, if it gets dirty, it will be seen--> to me i don't care, i will take care of it and i love white--> hence the white skinny jeans in closet) =0 it would be a bit...
  the way you put it, i would be a fool to get the pro 2! just kidding!  haha it seems the case, the 2nd version similar to gr07 (came out with be) well i guess it came out with mkII first but whateveR! its always the case, more bass  then again i'm soo pleased with my gr07be, that i don't regret it! guess i'm getting a pair of the pro1 =( my wallet can't take it, but ehh what is life without some impulse purchases =)
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