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just curious on what you mean by the m100s having "a few too many foibles to consider for serious audiophile use? no offence intended, just curious.  I owned the m100s a while ago, so its been a while. What did you think the mdr 1A do better than the m100s?
anyone converted over to the 3s? i personally skipped the 2s, too many fakes lying around ( i felt it was worth the headache, combing through everything, and then wondering if i gotten a dud)   i don't think the fakes for the 3s are available as of yet (as far as i know anyway), but so far i can definitely recommend the 3s for those on a budget!  
my first impressions of the pistons 3s! Comfortable but the provided silicone eartips are quite papery  (it feels like the same material as the rubber casing, the earphones was wrapped in)   gonna try them out with different eartips, but otherwise, ergonomics is good!  
anyone here compare the piston 2s with the 3s?   Does your thoughts on the 3s match mine?  
surprised there isn't more attention towards the piston 3s from xiaomi?   wonder why that is, sounds the 2s were a huge success.   well i got around to doing my first impressions on the 3s, hope you guys enjoy it!  
finally got around to filming my first impressions video on these guys!   will be fun companion for my s3 on my daily travels!  
i agree! i think so as well,(using the brainwavz triples) i think it makes the upper mids less peaky (or at least less apparent), but they stick out a bit farther now (naturally) so the housing rubs against my ears more (not terrible, but definitely noticeable) guess this increase the appeal for the titan 1s even more. the double flanges(both brainwavz, vsonic) and are not as nice imo, there needs to be more of a middle ground!
thats a tiny set up! i love how compact it is! what eartips are you using! it compliments your gear well
just for some constructive discussion but anyone try something similar to the gr07be but with a bit of a thicker sound? more bass and a thicker midrange?     still loving my pair so far, but as always I'm always on the look out. using the audio technica im70s, atm and while I love em for what they are, they aren't exactly or similar to the gr07be
haha its okay, I like that song too, no shame in being a T-swift fan but in all seriousness though, yess they don't isolate very well, but I think that's okay at least for me anyway being a headphone/earphone collector, I have other earphones for those times I need more isolation but for any other applications I think the titan 1s are pretty dang sweet my only slight quibble is that I wish the nozzle is a bit longer (the angle is fine, but maybe its just my left ear, cause...
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