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Hello can u take a picture of the scratch on the luxe?
Im not quite sure what to think then... the t5s and the t3s are identical as far as the physical dimensions.So that maybe why some found the t5s very bassy, and the t3s just slighly warmWhereaa me and @brooko seems ro find the t5s appropriately balanced slightly warm, and the t3s a bit on the thinner side.I remember trying to find some tips amongst the sea of them in my drawer. Trying to add some warmth. But at this point i accepted it and just use em with the sony...
Oh my... i think we have a new record here guys
If ur getting sibilance then theres a seal issue
They fit? Oh cool. Unfortunately thats the rha house sound ive come across i havent tried the ma750s but ur getting a thick kick withcthe t10 ma600,t20s in varying degrees
Display them in a nice clear case. And marvel at them on a daily basis for hours and hours.Thats a sure thing to keep em alive In all seriousness i just wrapp my pair up with 3 fingers very loosely,I dont fight the tangles and just lets it uncoil and unkink on its own.
It sounds like u might need to look elsewhere. The upper midd i find is somewhat peaky. Nice but peaky.Maybe the hifiman re400 or brainwavz r3 or the klipsch x7 would do better for u.I love how liquid the x7s sound in the midrange. Very enveloping.The re400 and r3 is on the drier ens but still very smooth and linesr from the midrange to the treble
Im just hearing a dam nice kick down low. And some nice sparkle, with smoother mids too
 i'm personally using it more as my "sleeping" lounging around lazily in bed IEM  haha the ergonomic shape makes em easy to sleep on. and i found myself actually sleeping ON them too, and since theirs no detachable cable connectors or memory wire. Theirs less worry of the earphones and the cable "warping"
thanks bud! i can see why you feel that way about the vsd2 i found that unlike the original vsd3s the VSD2S has a less bussy cable i don't need to bother with the ear guides now but i think if you use the earguides on this pair (it would easily slip out) the cable is a lot thinner that said i found the cable thicker and less flimsy on the vsd3s they doo seem quite tilted towards the bass, but not enough for me to call them "basshead"  but it seems a bit more eaqually...
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