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yup the blue and red is my favourite combinations very unique!i know i wanted to get that at first! but it wasn't out yet, and i didn't want the black. cause well in terms of colour the black is not that special (i have enough black earphones, and theres enough of em out there) but then i saw the first batch of the blue/red came out on lendmeurears and snapped one up immediately! (was on the fence for a few days already since its release) but the different coloured...
the vsd3s is a great choice and fantastic bang for your buck, and it looks amazing too if you want a similar sound to the she3590. its fullier bodied in the bass (more so than the 3590s), vocals are natural and thick. theres enough sparkle in the lower treble bring excitement heres my unboxing for them (subscribe for the full review coming up!) gonna do an impressions video first though
vsonic vsd3s or the vsd3 ( i own the vsd3s) and i thought it was just great for vocals. its not as revealing as the fxd80s but much more natural and thicker bodied. its a very smooth warm sound bass is emphasized and full bodied, abeit slower than the fxd80s but still very enjoyable. think shure se215 2.0 essentially plus it looks better (i got the red and blue version)heres a link to how they look like and what your getting for 60$' or the havi b3 pro 1 which is great for...
really good, good enough for busing, , at malls and supermarkets its passable for air travel and subway use, and cafes
i agree with the vsd3s and the havi b3 pro   i have an unboxing of both of em for you to see what comes with them (which is a quite a lot for around 60$)     here is the sound impressions of the havi
if anyone here wants to know how the red and blue vsd3s and basically what comes in the box check it out here! i've also checked out the havi as well, so subscribe for my comparison between these two 60$ giants  
Let me know what you think! if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!
that sounds great! look forward to your thoughts!
thanks Rosmadi! i hope this thread will help others in the community rather than flooding the other threads with the same questions!
hi guys in case anyone is interested again XS vs M-100 comparison i made a thread about my comparison between the three.   this thread is to answer any and all questions regarding these two fantastic,stylish and great sounding headphones in its entirety (sound, build, isolation etc) and to compare them with each other as well.    i hope to see you there!
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