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Hi Guys   Its me again. I decided to give some feedback regarding my experience with HD558 + asus Xonar DG. Im no expert but it may help future buyers about hd558.   Well to start off, this pair of headphone is really amazing for gaming. Its huge leap from a pair of generic earphones.   For gaming, I could hear everything. I tested it playing MW3, D3, Skyrim.   For MW3, I basically could hear everything, footsteps as far as 10-15 meters away...
Thanks alot man! HD558 then :D
Thanks for the reply streetdragon. How would you compare the soundstage of 558 to 598? is there a big difference? For the prices here, HD558 is 100 USD cheaper than the 598. Im not sure if its really worth it, as it will be mainly be used for gaming..
Hi Guys I will be buying my first pair of gaming headphones. Ive checked head-fi and Ive narrowed my choices to sennheisers, HD558 or HD598. Most of the headphones recommended by head-fi is unavailable here in my country, HD598/558 being the only one I could find here. I was wondering how HD558 compared to 598? in terms of gaming? I just wanna get your opinion before pulling the trigger because headphones is somewhat expensive here. Thanks in advance ! :D
QKO1 is 500 usd here :(
Hi Guys, Newbie here. Ive been lurking for a long time, searching/reading about the best headphones for gaming.   I dont want to start a new thread thats why I posted here, maybe I could get some feedback. Basically my choice has been narrowed down to Sennheiser HD558 or HD598. Reading Mad Lust's recommendation, HD598 is excellent for gaming due to its great soundstage.   Anyway, if anyone has tried, how does it compare to HD558? Before I pull the...
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