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Thanks for this. Love the sound of this album!
Swanlights - Antony and The Johnsons 
I have the same problem as you before I changed over to the Tri-flanges. The tri-flanges really help eliminate sibilance and bring out the warmness in terms of low end. It shows the IEMs true sound sig (that being a mix of analytical and warm + sweet as well)  You could alternatively try comply tips with these as well, though I personally don't prefer them due to my own reasons.A rough comparison done by a fellow head-fier could be found...
I noticed that you have re-shelled your R-50. I'm thinking of doing the same but would want some affirmation that reshelling will not alter the sound of these IEMs significantly. I'm using the R-50 with Tri-flanges and find them to be just the right amount of warmth and bass quantity. Did you notice any significant change in sound pre and post reshell? Is there any sibilance?  My cable is about to give way (they are slowly undoing themselves) 
Sign me up! Looking for a DAP as well as a successor to the ageing RE0. Followed and liked!
 Sleep In The Water - Snakadaktal. A dream pop style Aussie Indie Band. Too bad they recently split :( 
Haha not bad Malay. Jual atau (sewa) "current rig" anda. Not sure what the Malay equivalent of rig is. x) 
Thanks for sharing! Gotta get my fix of Rusconi! 
Looking at the GR07 as another complement to my 2 other IEMs. Seems to get really great reviews!
Youth Novels - Lykke Li
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