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More stuff:
Have you all read this?
--Double post--
But vinyl rips contain gating, because of a higher floor noise right ? So in theory vinyl can't sound better.
Thank you all, a successful help !
I bought the AKG k240 studio ! but there is no pouch inside ? they sound amazing for the price !!! no amp needed for my setup: Denon DCD-510AE Straight Wire Cambridge Audio azur351A
Thank you all, I have made up my mind.
Hi I just had the opurtunity to buy some old 1996 CDs at cheap price $1, I noticed that they are not even close to how hot/clipped/flat today's CDs are, so its not my rig but its the CDs. So sad at how they master tracks today ! Ridiculous. Also can you tell me if its worth buying these k2hd CDs?
hi kramer5150 I really like ur sugestion to go for the AKG K240s, but is it durable as my AIAIAAI TMA-1 ? or better?
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