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Installed Uber upgrade three days ago.  Run the DAC 6 hours a day or slightly more for two days to burn in.   It took me 20 minutes and fortunately no mishap.  It is obvious that you have to align the LED's first then secure the board to the inner chassis, not connecting the board to its chassis then align the LED's.  Kudos to the person who posted the procedures here earlier on this thread as it makes doing the upgrade 'pain" free.  Checked all inputs have output...
I found it.   Apparently, it is back ordered for 8/2!   Thanks for the reply!   Abe
Hi, thanks for the reply.  No, how do I do that?
Hello guys!   I would like to know how long did you guys waited from ordering the upgrade up to receiving it (no installation)?  I am curious as I ordered mine:   Order Number: 8244 Date Ordered: Sunday 14 July, 2013 Detailed Invoice: Products ------------------------------------------------------ 1 x UBER ANALOG UPGRADE = $70.00         Installation, Uber Analog No Installation     I still do not have it nor receive any notification.  I left a...
Hello,   I did not say "burning up", I am saying it will not last as long as the GTA/GTB's.  
Exactly!  Like the VT-231 for example.  If you run VT-231's on circuit with plate voltage designed for GTA or GTB then  your beloved tube will not last as you have expected.
Thank you very much!
Hello,   OT here but just want to ask if anybody have a lead for a pair of type 26/UX226 tubes?  Preferrably "globe" type.   I posted this here as I figure that enthusiast who collects 6SN7 tubes might know some leads for buying the type of tube I am inquiring.   regards,   Abe
  Energetic, yes(because it has more power to deliver).  Dynamic, no, IMO.   I always have difficulties when terms "energetic" and "laid back" were use to contrast two equipment using different topology to begin with in how they differ in sound to a particular listener.  I really think the Lyr and the LD MKIV does not sound the same and there is no parallel plane to objectively compare one against the other.   So, if I have to say something about the two to compare them...
Go for it!  I have the LD MKIV and the Lyr.  You will not regret the purchase.  Those moments when you want to energize yourself at the very instant, plug to the Lyr.  At times when you do not care about "audiophile" thoughts and just listen to feed your soul, plug in to the LD.  Okay, maybe not that drastic of a situation but you know what I mean?  When you dialed in to your content the tubes for both the LD and the Lyr,  browsing this forum becomes less and less...
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