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  Well, I am STILL enjoying my RS145's from years ago. They have great sound (not as good as my HD700's, but still...)! I love to watch movies with them (even sometimes when the other half doesn't require it heh).
   Well, it sounds like you need to concentrate on getting your windows hardware straightened out first before you can get the headphones connected. Having an illegitiment copy of Windows would have nothing to do with the BT connection. Are you up to date on Windows updates? Have you ever had problems with it in the past? 
   I actually find the very opposite to be true. I listen to those exact same genres about 95% of the time, and find them to sound VERY good with the HD700s. And I listen to them straight from the FiiO X3II, or an iPod touch paired with FiiO E17/E17K. They DO sound terrific with accoustic music, but they also sound fantastic with all genres except EDM, rap, etc...   With any sort of headphone that has any sort of muddy or veiled presentation, I find those genres to sound...
   Try turning off all other BT devices, delete the connection in windows, and retry it. It sounds like you might be using either windows 8 or 10??? If this is the case then I can see why you are having issues. The microsoft BT stack has been really wonky since windows 8. 
   Glad to see yet another person enjoying their HD700s. Your thoughts are much like what mine were. Instead of coming from IEMs though, I came from the Momentum wireless and Momentum 1 (which are not as close in sound signature as what you came from). I have had mine for about 1 1/2 years, and to be honest, I have not had interest in buying any other headphones. I think that I have reached (my) endgame for headphones. I am still looking to buy better gear in the rest of...
  This is not a shortcoming of the headphones. You will have this same issue with any BT headphone. It is a shortcoming of Windows.  Android handles this much better. I think the BT stack in windows has been less than stellar since Windows 7 (not inclusive). 
   Then, congrats on owning your new M2's. They are indeed awesome headphones, and if you can get them that cheap, you are getting a hell-uv-a deal. 
   I'm pretty sure monsterquake answered your question: "Don't want others". He wasn't ever asking if there was a better headphone out there, he was simply wanting to know if ANC could be turned on/off w/wout cable.     Whenever the power circuit is on, ANC is also on. If you are using them wireless (because you have to have power on), ANC is always on. If you plug in the cable, you can have ANC either on or off. Just turn power on, and you have ANC. The headphones are...
   Normally I would agree with you, but IMO the HD700 has some REALLY good quality sub bass, it just needs boosted a tad. To each his own I suppose, and I'm pretty darned happy with it the way I have it atm...    The only other real difference in my eq settings (that I neglected to mention because of relevance) is about 14k and up. I have those boosted a LOT.... I have had my hearing tested, and I actually CAN still hear up to about 17k or so, but they are VERY faint, and...
    That is very close to the way I have my FiiO X3II set up. Though the FiiO is only a 10 band, so I had to nudge the nearest treble down (which was actually 8K), and I actually nudged up the sub bass, instead of mid bass. To my ears the mid bass is awesome. It is the sub bass (to my ears) that need a little more quantity. 
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