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There is no problem with the cable, more than likely. You need to apply more than usual pressure and push it in until it clicks in place.
Your welcome. I would hate to see good head phones go to waste. Hope you have many enjoyable years with them.
Glad you are liking them. I quite like them myself, especially with the cable plugged in all the way.
It is probably not plugged in all the way. It take some extra force to get it in all the way. You might think that you are going to break it but it takes that to get it in. It will make a noticeable snap when in. This is very common for these hp.i have seen it a lot on other forums, and I even hadit happen to me when I first got them too. Let me know if this helps your situation.
  Wow, its a little disturbing to knkw that i cant hear that hiss at all. I just had my hearing checked a couple years ago, for my job, and i didnt have such problems then. Mst be me getting on in age, because i dont listen too loudly (i dont think). Hehe
Yes. Others have had this issue. You have to push pretty hard to get it into place. You will feel the snap when it is in place. This was by design by logitech. I gotta say n one you do get it in place, you won't have to worry about your cable coming out. As for the momentumss, I think they are better for clarity. I use the momentums for accuracy, I use the ue for when I want more bass. Check out the momentum review page. Just make sure you try them at bb before you buy...
Well, maybe its my ears then. Sorry you had to go through the trouble, but I guess we learned two things. My hearing apparently I limited in the high range, and UE6000s have a small amount of hiss in ANC mode.
Just tried it hooked to nothing. Nope, I hear 0 hiss. Maybe you got a pair with a bad circuit or something. I have read some that have had this issue, but that was back when they first came out.
That is what I use also, but I have no hiss at all. Let me know how it goes. I'm interested to hear whether you still have it with a different player.
Not sure if you dont have defective hp. What media player you use for these? Maybe the hiss is from that?
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