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  I can't speak to the fitment of the headphones compared to the M1s, other than to say the band is wider (on the M2s), but manages to exert a bit more contact pressure than the M1s.    From Sennheiser website (regarding contact pressure):M1 = 2,8 N M2 = 3.6 N
  I own both (and still listen to both), and I can tell you that (to my ears) they sound just like the M1s, but better. I think that Sennheiser just took the same sound, and made a couple of tweaks (following customers complaints about the sound of the M1s). Namely, the treble and bass. The treble is a bit more sparkly, but still not sibilant (ever), and the bass has better resolution to my ear. Mids have stayed the same buttery smooth and forward that they were with the...
  That is the way it has been. I ordered mine at the beginning of Feb (directly from Sennheiser), and it was the same price.
  Awesome! Forget what I said about the manual being wrong. It is not! It is just listing the modes backwards to what is listed on the web site, so my brain was tricked into seeing it as wrong.... EG... The website lists it as: Passive = 28 ohms, and Active = 480 ohms. The manual lists it as Active = 480 ohms, and Passive = 28 ohms (in that order, which, the information is still right for). I can see how this might get messed up in the whole process on the box.      It...
  I must respectfully disagree with the resistance statements of your post. I realize that it does in fact say 28 ohm in active and 480 ohm in passive, but I truly think this is a typo. I had not noticed this on the box up until now (thanks for bringing this to light). I also noticed this in the manual, but on Sennheiser's web site it is listed as backwards.    While I maintain that this COULD, in fact be accurate, there was a test that I ran to see if this is correct or...
  Very well stated. I am also one of those without issue, and have been posting as such throughout this thread. I have had mine since the beginning of Feb.   And BTW, sheesh you have a LOT of potential for interference. Your place must be in the direction at which I saw all that nuclear glow coming from... :)
  That is awesome! I'll bet Sennheiser doesn't get tickets put in every day for that sort of thing. Glad you like them, and I, for one, agree on how amazing they are.
  Ahh, ok... Thanks for that.
  That is very interesting. More interesting is that they also basically bury it as a feature to be mostly ignored.....Thanks for the info.
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