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It is not the noise caused by moving cable around. No issue here.   The noise only appears after resume from last pause of music (you can easily tell unless you are listening heavy bass music). Only one person complained this on Amazon. I am wondering if no other people has experienced this?   Since I am still under warrenty, I am hesitating to return it or not.   Thanks for any comment!
I kind of come up an idea:   laptop -> hdmi to tv (video) laptop -> e10-> coaxial out to soundbar (sound)   HDMI carries both video and audio. But I will disable TV's internal speaker. So only soundbar will sound.   I will test it out tomorrow:)
Now I have fiio e10. Besides using it for listening to music, I am wondering if it is possible to improve sound quality of movie on TV as well.   My setup is:   Laptop -> HDMI to TV -> headphone jack to 2.1 soundbar.   any idea how to fit e10 in? thanks a lot!
got it. Thanks a lot!   Then I just use e6 for ipod/clip and e10 for laptop.
it depends on who listens to the music.....if you are new like me, your ears are just under-trained....It takes time:)    Besides, it depends on so many things....
Ok. So it sounds 1 + 0.5 < 1. My original concern is,  in case i want to use a pair of high impedance cans (maybe around 100 - 250 ohms), the amplification from e10 alone is not enough......
Since I have both, want to make best use of these 2. Does it make sense to use e6 to further boost amplification? I know e6 clips at 2V input. But I have no idea what input voltage would be if  i connect the two.   Thx for any comments-D
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