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*picking up Got the E17 and it didn't work LOL..
Yup, saw your blog post before. :-) but a previous post in this thread has a link to a customer review in Amazon UK claiming that he was able to get E17 working. Same goes for my Behringer UCA202. Someone else has tried it before but it didn't work.. Let's just see what happens and hope it would work. I'll be picking the E17 in a while. :-D
Will be buying a Fiio E17 later. I'll try to verify if it would indeed be compatible with the phone. I'll post here as soon as I get the result. ;-)
  Ah yes of course. I was thinking about the compatibility of the USB DAC. I mean some people wasn't able to get UCA202 working so I thought it's maybe because of the ROM. But from what it seems, perhaps they were just using the wrong cable, or maybe I got a bit lucky. :D
By the way I'm currently using Omega 16.1 Jellybean custom ROM for the Galaxy S3. Not sure if it contributed to the successful USB OTG connection since I haven't tried it before with the stock ROM.
Hi, I've just been lurking in this thread for some time. I own a Behringer UCA202 and just recently got a SGS3. I bought a USB OTG cable a while ago and I'm happy to report that I was able to get it working. :)   Here are some photos:     (sorry for the crappy photos, just took them with a low-spec'd phone, LOL)
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