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Ok so I bought a X-FI USB HD.  It works perfectly!!!  And I am able to get AC3 passthru.   Thanks for everyone's help.  
From what I understand because I am using the digital out to send the data stream to my DTS receiver, I would do a AC3 passthru
I am in the market for a USB DAC/Digital Out.  I will use it to digital out (spdif/coaxial) audio from my PC (music/movies) to a 5.1 DTS Receiver (digital in).   My budget is $80-$200(USD).  From what I have read, asynchronous is a must in order to achieve low jitter.
Do you play movies and music using this setup?  What applications do you use?
I am planning to upgrade my laptop's built in audio card.  I am planning to purchase a USB DAC with a digital out (Coaxial or SPDIF).  I plan to use the digital out in order to connect to my DTS receiver and achieve 5.1 surround sound for my digital movies or DVDs played through my laptop.  Can this be done without the use of Dolby Digital Live seeing I already have a DTS receiver?   The devices I have been looking at are Fiio E10, X-FI HD.  
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