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Yes 15 foot perfect for $35. You'll be surprised by the quality. Audio Adviser is where I got mine. Free shipping arrived in 2 days. You do need a 1/4 to 3.5 adapter. Oops..$39.95..still a good deal!
I like mine. I think they sound better than any other Senn model I've owned. But I have not owned 580 or up. They are too small for my head width..but I've worn them for 90 minutes a few times. I bought the Grado extension cord for them...very nice for $35. Need the 3.5 adapter. Grado cord is nice quality for the price. The Senn's are a nice switch from my bass shy Stax SR5's.
So, I have JRiver 18 and am outputting WASAPI. I have both 16 and 24 bit audio running all the time together.   Question- I am running the WASAPI output through a Creative XFi HD via the TOSLINK output to an Adcom GDA700 DAC (PCM1702 20 bit DAC).   Using JRiver, I can adjust the output to 48khz (the max with a GDA700) and leave the word length at 24 bits. The Adcom can now play my 24 bit files! If I leave the file as 24/96 in JRiver, no dice...of course.   How is the...
It shouldn't unless the eq settings you prefer are in rock box. Same dac, same analog output. I'm not sure it sounds as good as the original clip...but it sounds good out of the box...every bit as good or better than a iPod nano.
Thanks for the tips.
They are very comfortable, but they will sweat in warm rooms. Any idea if there are some parts available? Mine are working great but would be nice to own another cord/earpads.
I just picked up a clip zip to replace my original clip. I must say that it works very well. It likes JRiver very much also (doesn't everything like JRiver except Apple?).   The put together is perhaps a little cheezier than the original clip, but it is very user friendly and a nice improvement. The sound quality is once again very nice for such a cheap player.    Compared to my Nano 5g, it is the far superior player at 1/3 the price.(The Nano's screen shattered...
Right on. It is really amazing software for the price they ask for it. And it does reveal something new and useful for many months after using it..
JRiver 18. Used Winamp, Foobar, media Monkey for years. The list of reasons I like JRiver so much more is long. But to keep it short, if you use an external DAC or soundcard and like bit perfect audio (WASAPI event style), JRiver needs to be checked out. The trial is 30 days and the $50 burns a hole in your pocket after about 1 day.
I own a pair, and like my previous 2 pairs of Senns, they begin to fall apart. Cords,connections, shoddy internal wiring..and of course the insulation foam and foam grills disintegrate depending on model over time.   My 570's are about to be the third pair that will get tossed.   That being said, they are comfortable and sound good for under $100..   I would never spend big bucks on Sennheisers considering the poor workmanship I've seen on their middle...
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