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Trying to see what I could get in a trade or sale. Message me with any kind of (preferably over ear) headphone, No IEMs. Most interested in Sony MDR1R or sennheiser momentum. Just "testing the water "! Pics will be here by tomorrow I do know that for $90,you can send them back to bose and get a brand new QC15. Monster turbine: sold before, guy returned them saying something was wrong with the left driver. I listened to them upon return and am not sure what he was...
Oh, good find. Thanks for pointing that out, I definitely see how its misleading. I'll change it.
I've had my HP100s for a while and while I love them I just want to try something new. Interested in neutral to bass heavy portable headphones, prefferable with a removable cord. Please keep offers reasonable, MSRP of everything here is around $350, so I think a trade for a $300 pair of cans is more than fair. My HP100s come with everything they did out of the box, including the original box, and I also have DT770 earpads that are currently on the headphones. They also...
I loved it actually. I just never used it because I don't like to sit in one place and listen to music. I would have kept that Magni if it was portable. If Schiit does come out with a portable soon, I could see myself selling the E12 to buy it.
You posted that just in time!   Lol, just kidding. I bought a fiio E12 in June   edit: actually I bought a Schiit Magni, kept it for 2 months, sold it, then bought the E12
You should differentiate those a little more.. Pretty hard to tell which one is which.
 In the last 8 years I have had a cell phone I have never had to replace a battery. 2 smartphones and 2 feature phones. I wouldn't worry about it at all. Not to mention they generally cost around $10
Your posting this in the magni /modi thread
Any better options than the MH1C? I cant stand the cable on it. 
There are youtube videos on how to replace the pads and I like the HM5s with some foam or rolled up toilet paper inbetween the pad and driver. Its more comfy because there is a little support.
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