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Easy bro. I received EarPods as a free accessory, as such they are fantastic. This is an appreciation thread; I would be more interested in what you think is an upgrade to the same sound in a higher price bracket, such as the RHA 450- it shares a warm sound and seems to have better clarity. Same reason I now have the V6-Stage CIEM's - update to a warm sound. That doesn't mean the EarPods aren't good at what they do.
This review is the main reason I bought the v6-stage :-) great review
Cool! Earskinz or foamies are definitely the way to go.
I was worried about that, kinda a bummer, I'll try to remember the deadline 'cause I'm enjoying having customs took much to send them back right away :-)
Btw, if I get a slight change in bass response by pushing on the base plates - would I benefit from a slightly tighter refit? And I definitely agree I had an inflated expectation about the bass, these Stages sound a lot like how I would expect the regular V6 to sound, like the Stage is more of a "flavoring" of the V6. FWIW, I have no other high end headphones, I'm just talking about expectation.
No worries, I received my V6-Stages on Thursday and they fit and work. I must have small ears and canals because I was unable to do the soft canals, audiologist said I have "swimmers ear." So anyway, should work out for you.
It would be awesome if you do the additional driver and write about it on this thread :-) then we will all learn from your daringness!
 Totally agree.  I got the Earskinz and they are a far superior solution than foam earbud covers. I find I need to push the earpods into my ear canal a little bit to get a seal which enhances the sound.  Because the Earskinz are silicon they are way better at sealing the fit in the right place, at least for me.
X2, anyone using iPhone 5?
Here's the review: Edit ^sorry I linked to my lame post at the end, I intended to direct your attention to the actual review :-P
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