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How about both? ^_^
How's the iCan Pro coming along? Anything you can share with us regarding that?
Looks to be a very nice headset for smartphone-wielding audiophiles on the go, especially since it uses circumaural headphones rather than the usual earbuds. And we could certainly use more of that! The cable length seems very reasonable as well; not too long and not too short. The gray is nice but the lack of black is a bit strange. I thought Sony had a fetish for black electronics (PSP, PS3, Bravia TVs, most of their fancier headphones, etc.). Either way, looking...
So... um, it's past 10 October now. Any new stuff to share with us about the Mini?
Anyone have both the original iCan Micro and the new iCan Nano? It'd be nice to see a detailed review on the comparisons between the two, if only to see how well iFi managed to make a portable version of its much beloved predecessor. The biggest changes I can see are the lowered gain and output power, but those aren't problems since they're both understandable (while the Micro is slightly bigger and can be made portable with a battery pack, the Nano is designed as an...
http://www.siliconera.com/2013/12/12/tales-zestiria-will-released-worldwide/ Make of that what you will.
The recent rave and review on your gaming thread is probably the biggest boost of recognition to the MA900 on Head-Fi since that early shoddily-done negative review that killed the MA900 discovery bandwagon.By the way, anyone have recommendations on what to use and how to clean the MA900 pads?
I have the MA900 and it is SO COMFORTABLE. I like to wear them a bit forward so the rear end of the cups goes under my ear and feels like a clip-on. I find bass on the MA900 to be polite but not overly so; it lets you know quite well it's there, but never overwhelms everything else. It's been fun listening to tracks with ambient bass on the MA900 (give this wonderful track a listen). It has edged out my AD900 for general listening. The MA900 is small and very lightweight...
Not sure if this makes you feel better.: http://uk.gamespot.com/news/asiasoft-to-release-pso-2-and-dc-universe-online-in-southeast-asia-6409039(also, inb4 t3h EU/NA people whine about how SE Asia might be getting an official English release before they will)Anyway, I thought the PSO2 IP block is only a limited block. As in, it doesn't affect every non-Japanese IP. So proxies and other such shenanigans should work. I can understand why Sega might implement a regional IP...
Here's an update on the Index Holdings bankruptcy... http://www.siliconera.com/2013/08/02/report-sega-sammy-interested-in-bidding-for-atlus-parent-company/ Sega Sammy being among the bidders isn't a surprise. I wonder if we'll get some less expected bidders like during the THQ bankruptcy.
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