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Doesn't yours have a jack on the other cup?  So it's already wired for it, give it a try!
Though late to this reply, I want to give some props to the Bagis - it's not all doom and gloom as above.   OK, I agree that the bass extension is missing - it really drops off somewhere below 100Hz but the mid-bass is decent.   Mids and Highs are not that bad.  I've heard worse.  It certainly isn't a "V" profile, but something more of a classic Sennheiser mid-bass hump with good mids and highs.  The highs don't have the clarity of a $100 IEM, but these aren't $100...
This is way overdue, but I also have a broken Plattan which someone gave me to do my magic.  I found the easiest fix wasn't to recable, but just to cut the old cable off at the exit and plug in a 3.5mm extension cord on the right side!   Gonna try some of these mods next, sound is pretty muffled, probably because of the felt pads.  otherwise a pretty good build quality headphone!
Thanks for the alert. I'm in, but need to know when. I'll bring my usual collection of neat junk. The MDR-F1 was a big hit last time, but seeing your faces on hearing the K270 was priceless!
Whoops, was on the CAD mouser site... hey they have $8 USPS shipping to Canada now!
The boys at the Ety "NRB" thread say the Ety greys are not the same as the Knowles greys: http://www.head-fi.org/t/626457/nrb-mod-nut-rattlin-bass-from-an-ety-yes-yes-yes-how-to-nrb-mod   But the greens are the same.  BTW the cheapest source I found for these filters is Westone where they are $2ea and $6.25 for US shipping.  However, Ety will ship internationally for $2 in...
FWIW I also agree that hardware can definitely affect the quality of a BT headphone. I mean after decompressing apt-x or A2DP/SBC, there's still got to be an amplifier section that can make or break the sound quality. My personal example is my car, which has a spectacular sound system yet manages to ruin BT audio somehow. Without knowing the system architecture, it's not fair to blame the lack of apt-x, but it's all I have to go by as my BT source is apt-x.
Follow-up: a few days after the above, I bought a Sennheiser MM450x which has apt-x. Then somehow my BlackBerry Q10 magically got apt-x. I gotta say, this is a killer combo. Can't go back to A2DP like in my car!
I also got an E7 with a dead battery.  Opened it up and checked - 0.01V.  Dead.  Don't even bother charging it or *poof*!  Refund on the way, so I get a free E7 for the price of a new battery... that's a good deal!   BTW, Beyer DT880 and 990 600ohm on sale at NCIX $250 and $260CAD respectively.. great prices!   http://products.ncix.com/detail/beyerdynamic-dt990-premium-600-ohm-home-audio-open-design-gold-connector-stereo-headphone-7f-81349-1101.htm
Hi.  I didn't see any coherent thread for these awesome headphones so thought I'd start with one.   Overall: Currently these are the best BT, NC, highly portable headphones out there. Nothing else comes close except maybe the MM550X (not tested). But I am watching for UE's next UE9000. The UEs have the better sound, but weaker NC and Logitech-like finish lose it a lot of points.  The Zik is huge!   Tips: - Buy some AKG K450 pads from ebay for about $7.  They are much...
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