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It's an OLED screen, each pixel produce his own light. There is no backlighting. 
Big question, should I sell my e17 that doesn't work in usb with my Galaxy Nexus even if it may or may not be possible and wait to buy the e18 ? I know that we haven't many detail on this but my use for this is 70% as USB dac on my computer and 30% with my phone and I have many driver instability with this dac on my computer. xDuoo XP-1 is quiet interesting, same WM8740 chip as the e17 but support Windows, Mac and Android 4.
My E17 is being really annonying. I'm using it on my computer (Gigabyte H55N, Windows 7 64 bit, Fiio driver 2012/6/22) and after 30 minutes to one hour of playing music and browsing the web I've got this : - if e17 plugged in USB 2 port (intel chipset) : BSOD with "bugcode usb driver" message - if e17 plugged in USB 3 port (renesas chip) : shuttering for few second and then no sound at all but e17 still detected by Windows and appear on the sound manager. If I...
I don't mean to charge an Android phone but just plug the e17 to the phone with usb (via otg cable) and use the e17's dac. We could have better quality than using phone's dac + jack audio cable. Some guys made it works with Samsung Galaxy S3.
A member of Fiio compagny post this on another thread :  
Great news. Will you update e17 firmware to work with Android phones using usb ?
I've installed Glados kernel on my stock 4.1.1 and still no usb audio. I've send a mail to the dev asking him to work on this.   Bad news for thoses like me who bought an e17  for android : the e18 will be show in HK in a month and this will be an Android Cellphone DAC headphone amplifier.
I Will try that, maybe sunday.
I've seen that SGS III can interwork with Fiio e17. I've received mine this week saddly it doesn't work with my Galaxy nexus. I hope a custom rom can fix that.
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