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Still an amazing deal. Will ship anywhere.... Individually
I prefer Yulong
2 grand even and you get the lcd2s and ill throw in the hedo cd player...... but you have to come to dallas. That is way too much fragile equipment to ship.  
I am selling all of my Audio equipment.  This is a fine cd player I purchased from Grant Fidelity of North America.  I swapped the feet out on this CD player with:  Vibrapod Isolators and Cones - please research if interested in buying this....     This is great CD player, it is freaking heavy.  It is Freaking Huge.  I will not be shipping it anywhere.  If you live in TEXAS, DFW area please let me know as to set something up.
A18 - $600 D18 - $500 U18 - $50 P18 - $100 - Purchased new cable for this because the original cable was not for USA specs.   Cables - $50 All the interconnects Analog cables by  audioquest Coaxial, aes/ebu cables Aftermarket power cable for the D18 was $100 new. All equipment like new.  In pristine condition.     My stipulation is that I DO NOT want to ship all this equipment.  Therefore, I am NOT expecting any paypal money wired to me.  If you live in North...
Does the external power supply just plug into the yulong p18 digital section or do I just plug it into the wall? Serious question.
I have an honest rep here and and always take upmost care in all my equipment.  I am usually the phone that losses money but sometimes I have to move what equipment I have to finance other ventures in the endless audio pursuit. 
Clean smoke free, never used as portable phones.  Included is bag, original box, single ended cable, custom balanced cable and the phones.  Excellent shape.  Priced to sell - - - - - paying off LCD-2 I will miss these, they are great.   At work so ask for pics later!
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